It's Cold Outside

Saturday, 7 September 2013
I'm snuggling underneath my blanket, with my favourite jacket on and with Peppermint and Popcorn right next to me. Tomorrow I'll be going to Adventure Cove with the greatest cousins in the world. My attachment resumes next week and this time, I'll be handling sick kids. I love kids. My sister is turning 16 in a few days time and she'll be attending her senior prom. My cousin is booking into NS in a couple days too. Rafiq and I had never been better. My parents are starting to tell me that they miss having me around at home. I miss it too. I might be watching a movie with Haz next week. My other cousin is getting engaged this weekend. My family's making plans to go to Hong Kong Disneyland this December and we still might consider going to Istanbul next year. I'm three semesters away from graduating. 

I don't wanna sound ungrateful but oh boy how I wish things between us didn't have to change.

I could be surrounded by a sea of people but still feel all alone. I wish you didn't give me so much to remember so that forgetting you would be a lot easier. 

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