Christmas Eve

Thursday, 26 December 2013
I totally forgot to post about how I spent Christmas Eve with my relatives but I must say that it was one of the most enjoyable evenings of my life! 

I won't be so specific on the details. Basically I asked them if they were interested in going to Orchard on Christmas Eve because I wanted to see the lights and decorations and whatnot (because I am easily fascinated like that). We took note of the fact that it was gonna be crowded, and it sure as hell was, but it was a once in a year thing so yeap! 

Here's just a summary of how my day went: 
Mum insisted that we leave the house late because she was certain that everyone else was gonna be late also and in the end, we were the late ones -.- Moving on! While the cousins and I roamed around Sephora (where we saw the Our Moment fragrance which costs nearly 100 dollars like wth), I got a text from Nazirah saying that she was at Plaza Singapura also so we met up at Spotlight and it turns out that she wanted to buy helium balloons for Syaz's 19th. Was so tempted to get the ugly ones to embarrass her but neh, HAHA. Caught up with her, Rafiqah and Khadijah eventually. Said hi and then went off. Met up with my fam again and oh yeah, I got Naira & Naila balloons while at Spotlight! Walked along Orchard and did some serious shopping at H&M, New Look and Typo. After everything, we went to Tekka for dinner and yes, it was pretty late by then. 

So yeah, that's about it. Photo time!

It's more dazzling than it looks! I wished I had more time to take more photos but really, I am so so glad to finally be able to see what Christmas looks like in Orchard! There's always next year and ahaha, Hannah and I kinda sorta already made plans for it heh! 

Anyways, I am currently in the midst of working on a new blogskin. It was one of my favourite things to do when I first started blogging and I was just bored out of my wits one day and then I decided to visit and see if there's any nice skins recently. There wasn't much but I wanted a navigational skin and I found one! It's sort of dull but I'm trying to put in as much content as possible (eg longer profile, links of affiliates, monthly favourites). So yeaaaah. 

I'm also working on a recollections post where I would attempt to post about my highlights of the year including the lessons and mistakes. Remembered doing one a year ago while I was blogging at wordpress so I thought I would carry on the tradition and do one again this year ;) 

I hope that all of you had a blessed Christmas. Now all we have to look forward to is New Year's! Which I currently have no plans for but I foresee myself ooving with Naz & Khai while watching TV (and me falling asleep halfway, hehe). 

Driving lesson later on! Wish me luck! Goodnight everybody :) 

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