Who/What Do I Wanna Be

Thursday, 19 December 2013
Inspired by Awkward, Season 3 Episode 20.

I wanna be surrounded by girlfriends

I wanna be a role model to the generation after mine. 

I wanna be the girl who lives happily ever after.

I wanna be someone's true friend.

I wanna grow up with my cousins.

I wanna be someone's old friend, in another ten years and counting.

I wanna be that person who saves lives. 

I wanna be a good sister. 

I wanna be with someone silly.

I wanna be surrounded by love.

I wanna be part of something special.

I wanna make my parents proud. 

I want to be accepted, irregardless of my flaws and my mistakes. 

PS: Some things I already am, others I've yet to be. 

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