Closure to 2013

Sunday, 29 December 2013
Hi everyone! 

I was actually procrastinating while typing out this post. I managed to edit these photos super early and my mind just dozed off in the midst of enlarging them. 

Before I start, I'd just like to let you all know that I finallyyyyy thought of a name for my camera! I shall call her, Zoe! *ba dum tssss* I just wanted a girl name which started with the letter Z because my laptop's name is Zach so yeah, hehehehe! 

Alrighty then! Let's move on!

I spent almost the whole day out yesterday. The day didn't begin the way I wanted it to. Cancelled my CBTL date and spent the entire morning doing my chores. Left the house super late also but Naz got to accompany me to causeway point because I was craving for the Tom Yam Ban Mian! 

I swear guys, the tom yum ban mian is the bom diggity! 

And the weird thing is that I have not gotten enough of it! 

Walked around after that and you know me, whenever I see a coffee bean nearby, it is mandatory to get a beverage.

Yeah, it looks like I got my coffee bean after all! 

Some mirror photos while at CWP and when we headed to BPP to meetup with Norliana. 

Went over to Amira's place after that.
Oh yeah, and we got balloons for her niece because it was her birthday!

While we were lingering around her block not knowing who to approach, we saw Azlina (who we assume was not able to come) with Amira when she walked out of the lift! Actually a part of me knew she was gonna come because uhm, yeah, it just gets more predictable everytime. HAHAHA. 

Anyways, let me just say something which I guarantee all of you will not like to hear so you may skip this part. My self consciousness level always raises up to level infinity whenever I'm out with my secondary school friends. I just feel super extra plus size and when we're in a group, I stick out like a friggin sore thumb, which sucks big time. 

Back to the topic, we finally got proper group photos!

With the beautiful Azlina :) 

With Khairiyah! 
She refuses to believe me when I say that she looks prettier when she smiles with her teeth so someone please tell her!

Pumped up kicks from timberland!
Bad photo not because of the photographer but cus my jeans weren't tucked in properly, meh!

Expect a gazllion selfies of Amira from here. One should never trust her with a camera, HAHA.

With the usuals :) 

With the birthday girl! 

I remembered the first time when I saw her. She was a rascal I tell you! And still is. Must have gotten it from her aunt.



Ah yes, Huda came soon after!

Last group shots before Azlina left. 

Shasha approached us with party hats!

Thennn, what's a birthday without a cake right? 

Liana and one of Amira's other nieces :) 

It was already 10pm by then and the lights went out so I had to use my flash to take photos.


Naz insisted taking a photo with Huda before she left. 

Speaking of which! We also celebrated Huda's advanced birthday! We just used the cherry blossoms and the candle for the previous birthday cake LOL. 

  I left at around 10.20pm with no texts/calls from my parents asking me what time I'll be home. That was a first I tell you! 

Received a bag of guilty pleasures also :) 

And yeap that was about it for yesterday! 

Was so glad I came to the BBQ. I was actually feeling a bit reluctant to go but it's a good thing that I didn't follow my instincts. What a way to end my 2013 isn't it? Thank you Amira for the invitation! 

This is prolly the last exciting post for the year. I don't think that there'll be anymore outings from now, meh. I'm just left with my recollections post which I am still in the midst of editing :) 

Goodnight all! Xx

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