Monday, 16 December 2013


Okay don't be disappointed, I still don't have many things to blog about and I feel so sad about it because I kinda miss blogging, proper. 

I'm actually at that state where I'm feeling disappointed with myself for many reasons and I usually have the tendency to broadcast every lil bit of my life online (be it on twitter or blogger). I have this friend who's the complete opposite of that. He doesn't like the idea of tweeting and blogging about everything. Yeah, his personal like that. I was pretty annoyed at first because there were many times when I wanted to upload a photo of us on instagram but he wouldn't let me. Anyways, when we started hanging out more often, I realize that I was becoming more personal too. If you haven't noticed, I actually stopped tweeting as often. Well, it's partly because I became somewhat an introvert after we met and also things haven't been going well lately so I don't want my timeline to be filled with sad tweets. I know how much it'll annoy the hell out of my followers, haha!

Moving on, I'm finally done with my two weeks of attachment! *throws confetti* So glad to be able to maintain the grade I always got for CA. Not excellent but still. I guess I'm kinda used to attachments so it seems like I'm getting less passionate in getting to know my patients. It's the kind where I would just go with the "let's get this shit done and over with" kind of attitude. And omg I can't even begin to explain how much I miss my special postings :( 

Anyways! Some time back, there was supposed to be a gathering with my friends some time back and omg I can't even explain what a tedious process it was to actually decide on a date where everyone would be able to make it especially with the year threes busy with PRCP and all. Anyways, we actually planned to celebrate Hannah's, Grace's and Syaf's birthday but yeah, only Hannah could make it and as for the rest of us, only Zaki & Lina came. 

But I had a pretty good time! We spent two hours gossiping and catching up. Yes, very typical of the fire nation huh? *giggles* We were laughing so hard and people kept looking at us, especially when Lina said post-office instead of last office, HAHAHAHA! And I'm so glad that we managed to surprise Hannah. Plus we had dinner at yellow submarines which was a bonus because we've all be wanting to try it! 

Bought these cupcakes from @thecupcakeparty on insta :) 

Okay this part's funny!
We had to arrive before Hannah did so I told her to give me a text when she alighted from the train. So when I finally got her text, we quickly lighted up the candles. It was only after a while when we realized that the frosting was beginning to melt from the heat and we started to panic, HAHA!

And here's Hannah when we sang Happy Birthday to her!

Didn't take much photos that day because we were talking non stop! 

So yeah that's about it so far. I know it's late but I hope you enjoyed the small birthday surprise Hannah! A bit fail because not all of us were there but yeah, hope you liked it hehehehe!

I'm flying off to Langkawi tomorrow. Really hope that there's wifi in the hotel I'm staying heh!
Goodnight all! 

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