Thursday, 19 December 2013
Greetings starshines! :) 

So technically, I'm feeling a wee bit half hearted about blogging now because I just got back and I'm actually pretty tired but I shall do it nonetheless! 

My fam and I went for our annual vacation starting a few days back. We (or dad) actually stopped driving to these places for quite some time now because he said that it was exhausting - and more exhausting when we always complain that the journey was taking so long. So apparently until I get my license (which I'm almost halfway through getting, yay!), we'll most probably be taking a flight for our holidays. 

We decided on Langkawi this year and out of all the timings offered, dad chose an early flight :(

I was more excited to go to terminal three and check out the spongebob exhibits stuff rather than go to Langkawi, HAHA. 

And we were too early so the bouncy house was not inflated yet, ergh!

Went to cbtl for breakfast and had the usual salmon scramble. 

Oh! And I remembered my last trip to CBTL when the cashier told me that the red velvet ice blended was pretty good also so I decided to give it a try. Not too bad but I prefered my regular heh. Go figure! 

Went back to T1 and saw the kinetic rain. Now I understand why that crazy lady went up to pull the string or smth. It's just so fascinating! I still can't figure out what made it go up and down!

More spongebob stuff when we checked in!

Mum usually spends more than during the actual trip because of these *below*

Well, I'm actually the same. BAHAHA.

So when we got on the plane, I turned my laptop on and watched my all time favourite Christmas movieeeee :) 

And this is when we landed. Decided to camwhore while waiting for dad to settle the car rental. Btw he rented the same car I drove during my driving lessons so that I can drive around also hehehehehe! 

Not that he wasn't a good teacher, but I think I would stick to my instructors in the mean time. 

Went to lunch at one of the Arabian Cafes. So goddamn pricey but they were pretty generous with the portion and it tasted yummy!

Oh ya! I bought a Mac lipstick while I was at the airport also and I decided to wear it hehehehe!

Had MacD ice cream afterwards. Super love that they have certain flavours which are not available in Singapore!

Went to the hotel to check in afterwards. 

And yeap, this is the lipstick that I bought earlier. 

I saw one of the SNs wearing it while I was on attachment a week back and I asked her what colour was her lipstick and so I bought the same one! A bit sebok ah? :p 

Decided to go for a five minute lepak session in the pool because after that we realize that the water was so disgusting. 

But anyways, we went to the balcony to watch the sunset. And you knowwww, me and my love for sunsets. 

Went for dinner afterwards and then that's it for day one. 


So I slept like a baby that night (or all nights, even during the journey). The breakfast kinda sucked so we ended up eating like lots and lots of jemput jemput. HEHE. 

Soooo yeap, it was snorkeling day! And sissy and I wore our swimming costumes straight because we were so semangat like that. It was an hour plus journey to the island and I slept during the entire journey!

Someone tell me who looks like the older sister here *below*

And yeah, instead of feeding the fishes with fish food, 

daddy fed them with Bika instead -.-

Went back feeling extremely exhausted and then continued watching The Grinch heh!

And check out the most irritating tan lines ever!

After that, we headed out to dinner!

Best place we went to!

This place was more affordable than the last one we went! And it was a gazillion times more yummier too! I can't imagine how rich this place would be if they opened one restaurant just like it in Singapore!

Went to another mall after that.

And we just had to have starbucks!

Ever since this Christmas season, I've been trying out loads of different flavours of coffee. I super love the peppermint mocha. Damn nice lah, I can't even say. 

And and one of my main objectives for this trip was to try out different chocolates I have never tasted before. So here's chocolate number one!

It was pretty good! Heavy, but still good! This one was the dark chocolate. Not my parent's cup of tea but I like it!

And idky, I've been smiling like this a lot lately. 

The want-to-smile-but-too-tired-to-smile kinda smile. Reminds me of this one person from my school. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA OK OK CANNOT SAY WHO :x

We bought some desserts to share also!

Both were banana based. It's so cute that a portion of the amount we pay from buying these (or any banana desserts) goes to charity. When mum told us this I was like "then we get more lah". Jokingly of course. 

And it was a full moon that night! 

Yeah, I have a thing for full moons also. I remembered when I first got to know Rafiq and I was so excited when I saw the full moon and I texted him about it. He thought I had a deprived childhood -.- 

After that, we headed to the night market.

Then we went back to the hotel heh. 

Some of the loots I bought that day while I was at al-ikhsan!

These are original okaaaaay! And the shoes were my first pair of size 8! 
CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?! I'm actually wearing a size 8! I'm usually at least an 11!


So the next day, we decided to have breakfast at a coffee shop nearby. 

Yeah brought my laptop along to charge my phone because it was still low when I woke up, knn.

Went hipster that day. 
Chey, act hispster only lah heh. 

When I sent rid one of my photos like this, he said that he taught me well. Tsk annoying hor that boy :(

I feel like slapping my own face when I see this photo also. HAHA. 

Headed to the Oriental Village!

Decided to go on a cable car ride ^^ Bought express tickets because if not we had to wait for like, ever. 

Trust me, I was scared to death!
I didn't even know that it was the world's steepest cable car ride wtfffffffff! 

But the views were so breathtaking. 

The weather got so freaking hot after that so we bought ourselves some coconut drinks. 

Went for lunch at Artisans Pizza after that. Also nearby our hotel. 

And thennnnn, sissy and I went for a manicure at a spa!

Walked back to the hotel afterwards. 
You may skip this part because I was camwhoring. 

So cheeky one hor this girl. 

Headed back out to visit what was supposedly to be the most "happening" beach on the island. It was happening lah, compared to the others but obviously not up to Sentosa's standard heh.

Had the worst satay on the planet. 

Then went to another night market. 

Back to the hotel to pack heh. 


So earlier today, we had breakfast at the airport. We had the choice of Marrybrown or Starbucks. We obviously chose starbucks!

Went for a hot beverage instead since it was still early :) 

And this is chocolate number two that I tried!

I usually get the almond roca but I decided to buy the cashew one this time round. Tastes somewhat the same but I think I prefer almond heh!

And that is it for my vacation! 

I really loved that place and there's still so much to see but I've longed to visit somewhere different. Apparently I'm not allowed to talk about traveling abroad anymore (which I am feeling very sad about because that's what I ever think about and telling me to stop planning to travel is like telling me to stop living) so I guess all I can do is dream.

So cliche.  

Happy holidays everyone!

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