Pre CNY Reunion

Sunday, 26 January 2014
Time for a break from all those overly emotional blog posts, don't ya think? 

Had a reunion with my girlies today and it was by far the best dinner I ever had! Nothing beats a home cooked meal with your friends, agree? 

The girls and I have been friends for over a year and it feels extremely sucky that we had to go our separate ways once freshmen year ended cus we were allocated to different classes, meh. We did however agreed to be group mates for our final year project. I'm not particularly excited for it but having your closest friends in the same group as you makes it all better, yknow what I'm sayin'? ;) 

Anyways, Yi Teng invited us two weeks in advanced after she brought a new steamboat and grill and she wanted to use it with us first because she knows how particular we are when it comes to food. I could tell that she cleaned her utensils like a gazillion times before we used them. How extremely thoughtful right? *sniffs* 

We talked a lot about how our lives changed ever since we were in different classes and semesters. About the people we like/dislike, our lecturers and just the fact that we will be going through PRCP in less than a year! It feels like not so long ago when I was a senior in my secondary school and now here I am, a few more months to being a senior again. It's all very frightening. 

Meh, I shall not be bothered by it right now!

In addition to that, we celebrated Nadz's and Val's birthday with a cake baked by Zaimah's talented boyfriend. It was the most original homemade cake I've ever tasted! I've yet to taste the other desserts but I do recommend it! Do visit his instabakery here (@pipeinbakein) if you're interested :) Plus, Zaimah bought candles which would rekindle even after you blow it. Coolest thing ever!

I shall let the photos do the talking now!

FYP? Bring it on. 

Goodnight and sweet dreams!

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