Asian Market Cafe

Saturday, 15 February 2014
Hi hi hi everyone! Here's another super late post but it involves foooooood!! 

My family and I randomly decided to have high tea at Asian Market Cafe located at Fairmont Hotel. I remembered coming here a few years back and it was actually the first local hotel buffet we went to and we were not disappointed at all! For all those Asian cuisine lovers out there, I do recommend this place to you! 

My family was actually one of the first to arrive so I managed to take photos of all the food "stalls" before it got crowded ^^

I don't know about you but the first thing I have at a buffet would be Japanese food. Yes, sushi! Salmon sushi specifically. My dad, sister and myself are suckers for salmon in general and it usually runs out very fast so we would try to go for them first! 

The second best thing here was the kebab. It was so so soooo good, especially with the minty side (idk the name heh)! 

I'm always the last to finish my meals among my family members because I'd tend to want to try everything they have, hehe. Anyways, if you think other buffets like Carousel is pricey, this would be a good alternative :) 

That's it for that day. I'm so late for another post but I'm certain you'd like the next one also! Ending off with a few selfies of my sister and I!

Have a good weekend all! 

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