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Tuesday, 18 February 2014
Hello everyone!
Here's the overdue post I promised :) Okay so I know what you're thinking, I'm supposed to be mugging my ass off for exams but I thought I could spare some time to update my blog before going on hiatus since I won't have much time to blog even after my exams are over cus I'll be on attachment, boo :(

Anywho! My family and I made a visit to River Safari somewhere around CNY period. I remembered people making a big fuss out of this place when it first opened and I heard that the queue to purchase the tickets were crazy long! *prepare for my bimbo moment in 3, 2* I actually thought that the pandas will be allocated to the zoo, doinks!

When we got there, the place was decorated in a with Chinese New Year themed stuff and you know me, always a sucker for colourful things, hehe. 

And the lanterns were pink guysssssssss! I almost wanted to grab some of them to hang it in my room but psht! Of course I won't. Pshhhht, pfffffffffft! 

Moving on! It really didn't take long to get the tickets. There was no queue at all! 

We arrived at 1pm and the boat ride was in 30mins so we managed to have a look around. I think we took too much of our time heh!

I love the surroundings. Here's one thing you don't know about me: I'm a nature lover. Everything is just so green and calming. I remembered feeling like I have no trouble in the world while I was here, prolly because I was distracted by the beauty of it all. I guess trees and flowers are a much better view to look at than skyscrapers. Don't ya think so? :)

Headed to the Amazon Flooded Forest first! 

The whole place was indoors and air conditioned, thank goodness! 

I have seriously never seen a fish this big in my life! It's all so fascinating!

*prepare for another bimbo moment in 3, 2*
I said to my sister, "wah this fish so big ah."
And she quickly ran to my dad laughing and told him what I said so I gave them that blur look and then they finally said, "it's a dugong you gundu (which means idiot in idk what language)."


Major points to those who can figure out what the fishes shown below are. 

They're piranhas guys! OMG acabelieve it! 
Can you guys like imagine how scared I was when I was standing in front of the tank and all of them looking at me that way?!

I feel like 


Back to the topic!

Angel fishies! They were also really reallyyyy still when we came by. 

Bought this vitamin water to quench my thirst before heading to the boat ride!

So yes, as I mentioned previously, we were pretty late for the boat ride. It was actually free of charge!

Isn't it amazing how these animals actually add more colours to the forest instead of all the greenery? 

After that, we bought some sorbets and chilled for awhile before carrying on. 

These sorbets are like the bom diggity! It's just basically frozen juice. Not the ice blended kind, but rather the ice cream kind, but it's really not ice cream. They're so so soooo good! An extremely excellent substitute to slushies I must admit!

Carried on with our "journey" after that. 

My outfit was not much big of a deal. I do wish I had thinner legs so that I could pull of wearing shorts without my fats showing. Plus, I was not wearing makeup that day because I know I would be perspiring like mad! 

Anyways, here's my attempt at telling you the outfit I wore that day (super inspired by Hannah's blog LOL). 
Top: Cotton On, Bottoms: IMM, Shoes: Vans, Floral Headband: @prettyloved_ (on insta)

If you know me, I have a gazillion of those kind of bottoms because they're super comfy and affordable and I highly recommend you to buy it (it's located opposite challenger). And I've done a review on prettyloved_, click here if you haven't seen it!

The bottle with the panda on top was mega adorable! I don't fancy the idea of the overpriced snacks tho. 

Here's my attempt at an artistic shot #megafail

Okay pandas next!

These rascals (rascals cus I don't know what they're called) were so playful and fluffy! If only I'm allowed to, I'd bring them home. I seriously would okay guys! 

Okay the main attractions now!

HAHA not me, the panda at the background :p 

Look how extremely lepak it is! 
The two pandas were actually in different enclosures. I can't remember which one this is heh!

And this is the slightly less lepak one! Although they said that it's more shy than the previous one. 

Momsie and I!

Went on to look around. I think these fishes are more frequently seen outside those luxurious seafood restaurants. Correct me if I'm wrong guys! :) 

This alligator/crocodile (I seriously dk the difference, someone please help me!) had been in the same spot for quite sometime (which explains the moss on it's skin). 

Another shy one here!

Am I the only one who's fascinated by these super big tanks?!

Told Yani that I would caption this photo "Life Before The Unplanned Happened." HAHAHAHA! Always love using my "status" as the first child and use it against my sister, LOL. 

Kay guys this is another fascinating fact! 
(Again, correct me if I'm wrong because this info was from what daddy told me hehe)

Have you guys heard of the Ganges River? It's situated in India & Bangladesh and is known to be sacred because this is where they usually leave dead bodies (obviously not the correct way to say it but you get my point) as most of families cannot afford to cremate the body. The remains will be eaten by the snapping turtles at that river. Fun fact right? Okay maybe not so fun, meh.

I honestly can't come up for a funny caption for this photo HAHA. It looks hilarious though. The whiskers reminds me of one of the characters from Kung Fu Panda, heh!

 That's about it for that day!

For those animal/nature lovers who prefer a more peaceful environment as compared to the zoo, I'd suggest that you'd give this place a shot! Obviously there's not much animal variety but I promise you that it'll be a fun experience! 

Here's the ticket information:
Adult: $35, Child: $23. 
Buy online for a cheaper rate!
Amazon River Boat Ride is complimentary till further notice. 

Opening hours: 9am to 6pm. 

Alright alright I shall carry on with my revision now. Good luck to all poly students taking their exams! Last lap before advancing to another year so let's just get this done and over with!

PS: I might be doing an FAQ about me post so if you have anything you would like to know about my life etc, ask me here and I'll pick a few to answer them through a blog post! No hate pls kthxbye!

Goodnight! :) 

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