Cafe Hunting: Maison Ikkoku & Fika

Tuesday, 4 February 2014
Hi guys! 

Yesterday Liyana and I had an hour remedial which ends at 10am and since we had three hours to kill, we decided to cab over to Arab Street for some cafe food!

Feels so suckish to not have my wallet with me. Yes, you've read it right. I left my wallet at home! I had to share Liyana's portion of her food and I felt so guilty throughout because she was complaining how hungry she was from the beginning of the day! Nonetheless, thank goodness we shared a meal because we were stuffed at the end of it all! 

The first cafe we went to was Maison Ikkoku. 

Wanted to try their hot beverage because they specialize in coffee making but noooooooooo, I had to forgot to bring my wallet *slaps forehead* 

We shared a piece of red velvet brownie which was so darn good! I guess what makes a red velvet cake so tasty is the cream cheese frosting. Like a cherry on top of a good hot fudge sundae *slurps* RV is prolly gonna be so overrated anytime soon but I just find it so unique! It's pretty hard to find a good red velvet cake these days but I was definitely not disappointed when I had this one :) 

Headed over to Fika Cafe after that for a proper meal. Shan't dwell on it too much because I'm sure most of you are familiar with it :) 

Liyana's pre food coma face!

That was about it for my day! Probably the most exciting Monday morning ever! Had to cab over to my place after everything to take my wallet and then back to school just in time for our afternoon lessons. 

Anyways, the cafes we went were pretty overpriced (yknow, cafes being cafes). But they were all totally worth it! Just be sure to bring along sufficient cash with you for your next cafe visit! 

I am certainly looking forward to more cafe trips with my blogger friends! 

Toodles everyone! <3

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