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Friday, 4 April 2014
Greetings sunshines!

This post definitely needs no intro because who doesn't know Fluff Bakery, right?! But to make long story short, people claim that they sell the best cupcakes in Singapore! Yeap, even better than twelve cupcakes! 

I know, like who would ever think that there would be any other outlet selling better cupcakes than twelve cupcakes right?

To those of you who are crazy fans of their cupcakes, you might disagree with some of the points I'm about to state and I definitely no food critic whatsoever but hear me out! 

So my cousin, Kak Dilah and I were supposed to come here to get our dose of fluff cupcakes but we were afraid that the queue might get crazy long by the time she comes here from work so I volunteered to buy cupcakes for both of us first. 

Most of my friends told me to queue by/before 11.45 before the line gets ultra long. So I reached around 11.30 to be safe because heck, I wouldn't even bother waiting several hours to buy the limited edition NP shirt in school, what more here under the scorching sun?!

But it was definitely my lucky day as I was pretty near the entrance and the crowd starts coming in like ten minutes after I arrived!

So basically once you're in line, one of the staff will hand out queue numbers and one person is entitled to one number. In addition to that, one person is only allowed to buy a maximum of two boxes (aka 12 twelve cupcakes).

These were the flavours available for the week. 

Then finally, yeay I'm in!

The place was really small and I can't get a bigger picture without going out of my line so these will do lah ya ;) 

One thing I was very impressed with was the service. The staff were so bubbly and cheerful! OMG I kennut take it!

And I pretty much bought one flavour each! 

On with my thoughts on the cupcakes. 
The cupcakes were undeniably the best I've tasted! It's no doubt that most of us were attracted to the unique flavours like ondeh-ondeh and bandung. 

The cupcakes were really pricey. And for a four dollars cupcake and with all the rave about how extremely delicious the cupcakes were, I expected a wow factor. Ok maybe I'm not so much of a sweet tooth as many of you. But having twelve cupcakes selling their cupcakes at around half the price and that it's standard is just a tee wee bit below fluff's, I actually wouldn't mind getting from twelve cupcakes instead. Plus, I wouldn't have to worry if there's a queue or if the flavours will be sold out. And also, twelve cupcakes offers a larger variety of flavours (click here if you wanna know!).

Nonetheless, it was a good experience being there and the cupcakes were definitely delicious. It was so moist and fluffy and even after placing them in the fridge, it was able to maintain its fluffiness! It's just wasn't as very very very very delicious as I thought it would be. 

I don't know the address (hehe) but the way to get there is to just walk straight from Bugis Junction and towards Raffles Hospital all the way to Jalan Pisang. It's located right at the corner and at the side of the road. Oh, and it opens at 12pm till all bakes are sold out. 

That's about it for this post. Let me know what you think of Fluff Bakery or if you've tasted other cupcakes from other outlets! I would love to try them :) 


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