Friday, 4 April 2014

Khai's 20th!

Greetings starshines! 

Okay I'm like super late for this post! I hope the girls don't hate me for this :x

Anyways before I start this post, just a quick heads up! 
I didn't upload all the photos I took that day nor did I edit them because I actually did it but my laptop went haywire and I lost all the edited versions of it. I spent hours on them okay! 

On with the blog post now!

A few weekends back, Naz, Khai and I went out to celebrate Khairiyah's belated 20th. Which simply means one thing: I'm the last teenager of the trio! *throws confetti* Zomg guys, you honestly don't know how much of a torture their birthdays have been for me okay. I've always been made fun of because I turn a year older very much later than them. Psht! But nonetheless! I am so thrilled to still be 19 because I am so not looking forward to the big 2 0 :( 

Moving on! Knowing us, it was obviously a surprise so Khai has no idea where we're heading to. And she has been a very good girl because unlike some people, she doesn't try to ruin the surprise. HAHA.

So our first surprise was lunch at Eighteen Chefs! 

I had the Aglio Olio thinking that the level of spiciness is similar to Pastamania's Seafood Aglio Olio also. But noooooooooo, it was a gazillion times more spicier! However, the food here is so so so good and I highly recommend it. It's located at Cineleisure and it's usually crowded so avoid peak hours ya! 

After that, headed off to surprise number two! 
I actually spilled the beans on where we were heading to (accidentally of course) and Naz was giving me the attitude throughout the whole ride, haha!

But really guys, I'm prolly the worst person to plan a surprise party with.

We got pretty lost, hehe. And I think you already know where we're heading to ;)

But before that, camwhore photos! 
(Again, not all of them are uploaded because we took a gazillion of photos for each individual shot)

Mega ultra love this shot. 

And for those of you who hasn't guessed it, we went to the Asian Civilization Museum! We actually went there like an hour before closing, LOL. 

We obviously did more camwhoring than actually reading about the facts of the exhibits. 

Went back out again afterwards to camwhore some more!

In case you were wondering why Naz wasn't in this part, she was actually busy deleting of photos in her phone because her memory was full. Kwang kwang kwang! Haha!

Went on to our last surprise of the day, which was...

Dessert at Haagen Dazs! The nearest one was at Esplanade so we headed there as soon as it was starting to get dark. 

And we got the fondueeeeeeeee!!

Heh God bless my camera for it's ability to take such wondering photos of food. If you think that Max Brenner's fondue tastes better, you should try this one! But then again, it's up to your individual preference :) 

The chocolate was really light and it doesn't give you the nauseated feeling afterwards. And trust me, every bite was heaven!

The sides that came with the fondue! I do wish that they provided marshmallows tho! I mean, what's a fondue without the traditional marshmallows?!?!

An extremely happy birthday girl with her birthday dessert ;) 

Just look at it guysssssssssssss! *slurps* 
Oh and if you ever plan to come here for the fondue, do not blow the candle no matter how sizzling hot the chocolate is as it will harden after that. 

Anyways, since Naz and I were on the verge of being broke after that, I just made a small card for her inspired by DazzleDIY :)

The polaroids we took that day!

We cabbed home after that because I notice that there is no way I'm able to reach home on time. Yup, $$$ gone :(

It was a pretty memorable day and I loved every single moment of it! I honestly don't know when's the next time we'll be able to hang out with FYP coming and stuff. We'll make it work I guess :) 

As usual, ending off with a pic of me! 

Goodnight everybody!

Outfit: Denim Jacket - Sister's, Dress - Cotton On, Floral Headbands - @prettyloved_, Shoes - Dr Martens.


  1. Boat Quay is the best place to camwhore! Me and Abang Anis very dating place....that is before the children comes along ;P
    Ooooooo Haagen Diaz fondue is my fav too!! I also think its better than Max! Hmmm maybe should hint to Abang Anis for a fondue treat soon!

    1. Really?? I rarely go there! Our definition of town nowadays is like orchard and bugis but this place is like so much nicer! And haha yes yes go ask abang anis out to have the fondue! And you shld ajak the kids along HAHA!