Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Little Things

If you know me, you'll probably already know that I'm one of the most unappreciative person you'll ever meet. Not even kidding. I would usually try to make comparisons between my life and someone else's who's clearly better than mine. I guess it started out when I was younger when I would inform my parents about my exam grades and whatnot and if it's not up to their satisfaction, they'll always compare me with my other friends who did better than me. So yeah, that was how my habit of comparing myself with people better than me in all aspects started. Not that I blame my parents but my mindset was just set in such a way during my late childhood  and it's slightly harder to change because I'm used to it.

Anyways, when I arrived in Australia, I was really overwhelmed by how extremely friendly everyone is and I can't help it but to compare them to Singaporeans.

While I was walking at Kings Park earlier today, this man passed by me and said "selamat pagi" (which is good morning in Malay) and I was like, "what?!". I honestly did not expect anyone to know that I'm Malay LOL. But anyways, my point is that he was being friendly and we rarely ever come across such people in Singapore. Then again, not even I would say hi to random people but I doubt that it makes me unfriendly. I'd love to but I'm just shy in that sense.

I'm not gonna go all Steph Micayle on this post but I am starting to understand some of her points. I'm not saying that that should be a reason why I should not be proud to be Singaporean. I feel like no matter how far away I am from home, I will always feel more belonged in Singapore.

I mean, I've been to much more less developed countries and while I was there I have never missed home so much! I've gone through three weeks in China where I could barely inhale properly because the air was polluted and I've been to Vietnam where I saw an old lady crying over a boy's dead body on the streets. It's not like I've seen the world but even if I have been to other first world countries, Singapore will always be home. Okay yeah sometimes I talk about migrating to further my education and stuff but it's not because I hate Singapore. It's just that if I have the chance to have a better life elsewhere, why not take it right?

And if you can't find anymore reasons to be happy in Singapore, then think of your family and friends. Like hello, they should pretty much outweigh all the disadvantages you could think of. As much as I would love to live in Australia, I would also like to tell my future children about where I grew up and visit my favourite places and be like, "hey kids, this is where your aunt syaz and I used lepak at when we first started hanging out" or "this is where your father and I had our first date" or "whenever we pass by shoe shops, I would always cling onto your grandmother so that she won't go in because she'll take forever".

I don't want to sound all cliche by listing the good things about Singapore. And to be honest this post is actually really random and I highly doubt that anyone would read it. Anyways my point is that I am at that stage in my life where I'm learning to appreciate the things the little that I own rather than complain about what I don't have. It's a tough process especially when I'm always around those my age who has more than I do.

I just wanna be happy and the way to do that, is to make the best out of what you have. Complaining is exhausting guys. Take a chill pill once in awhile.

And to my family and friends back home, I miss you guys already.

Can't wait to blog about my trip!

Goodnight luvs!

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