Saturday, 12 April 2014

L'OREAL UV Perfect Instant White & Extraordinary Oil

Greetings sunshines! 

Well I was feeling a little bored at home so I thought I should share with you girls my favourite products which I just bought!

I'm sure all of you are familiar with L'oreal Paris. I love the brand because it caters to women of all ages! And they have a different range of beauty products from skincare to makeup and to hair also!
First of all, I bought the Loreal UV Perfect Instant White! 

This serves to me as a facial sunscreen as well as a base whenever I want to apply makeup. When I was a freshman, I was outdoors for quite a lot due to camps and my sports and wellness module and I sooooo regretted not applying sunscreen! On top of that, my school is located on a friggin hill and some days I would have to walk up and down slopes under the scorching sun. Seriously guys, attending classes have never been so exhausting! 

I bought the one that has a whitening effect which is very much popular among girls my age because yknow, we just want that glow ;) 

It's SPF 50 and when I heard that I was like, "ok, my skin is so gonna be safe". HAHA, I've personally never heard of an SPF that high before! 

And in case the pictures above were not convincing enough, scroll down!

I applied the cream on one half of my face. Could you tell which half is it? :) 

I would recommend this to you if you're unfortunate (like me) to have skin which turns darker easily under sunlight. Of course I wouldn't wear it alone. I'd usually finish off by at least applying some compact powder on my face so that it doesn't look too white. 

Moving on! 

I also got the L'oreal Extraordinary Oil for my hair! Seriously speaking, this thing is practically a life saver!


My friends and family (even a few hairdressers) has been pestering me to cut my hair but I'm the kind of person who refuses to get it trimmed no matter how damaged it looks because I want super long hair! Like Zoella's!

She's practically my lady crush cus she's so bubbly and just so goddamn gorgeous! And just look at that hair! Can you guys just imagine the number of hairstyles we can do with that amount/length of hair? Ahhhh I can't! 

Back to the topic!
Like Zoe said, long hair is such a chore! But it's so fun to have! Sometimes the amount of shampoo we use isn't enough to reach the ends so this oil helps prevent damage and dryness at those ends :) I love how it makes my hair look so much healthier and smoother, and also shinier!

Again, can you tell which side did I apply the oil on? ;) 

There are actually a few ways to use it - before shampoo, before blow drying and on dry hair. 

You can apply it before going into the swimming pool (because we all know how damaging chlorine is to our hair), the night before colouring your hair (if you plan to) and my favourite method which is to apply it on my braids while my hair is still damp and to leave it overnight

In case you guys are wondering why I did not link these products to the website, it's basically because they have not appeared yet. These are actually from the latest collection they have and the Extraordinary Oil is under the ELVIVE series. 

If you're not into products with whitening effects, they have a very similar product just like it and without the whitening. It's all up to your preference :) 

Anyways, moving on to another quick update about my life! 
I have roughly a week left before school reopens and I'll be flying off for a short trip soon, to Aussie! 

Yes guys! I'm finally going out of Asia and to Perth, Australia! I'm still pretty disappointed that Turkey got cancelled but then again Dad & I are making plans to go there next year ;) 

There are so many things I'd love to do before I officially start work as a staff nurse (which is even before I graduate) :( I'm just gonna YOLO out till then! 

Don't worry, I'll be safe ;) 

Have a good day! 

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