Perth Part 1!

Sunday, 20 April 2014
Greetings starshines!

As all of you know, my fam and I spent the last six days at Perth and it was the most amazing holiday ever! It was our first time out of Asia and to a country more developed than Singapore so it was a pretty big deal for us. Food wise, well, my family isn't very particular in a sense that everything must have a halal sign for it but we do try our best to look for halal food and most of the time we did. So we survived on mainly kebabs and salads which was a nice substitute for our regular rice and noodles etc etc. And besides, I survived three weeks in China during the winter season, which was far worse, so yeah, meh ;)

Okay let's start now!

Our flight was at 12 friggin midnight and it was our second time taking Singapore Airlines. I could barely remember the first time we took it because we were so young and according to my parents, it wasn't a very pleasant journey and I can't remember why so we just stick to budget airlines afterwards, which we don't really mind as long as we get to our destination safely :) And besides, airline food sucks no matter which flight you choose :x 

Ah yes! And Cheston, Sahana & Xue Jing sent me off that day. It was such a bless to have them there because we haven't hung out in ages! Too bad we didn't take a photo but anyways, thanks so much guys :) 

I really hate how they always jumble up my name tsk :( 

And in the plane, I finally got a window seat! 

SIA was the bomb diggity and I can honestly understand why it costs so much. They provide a pillow and a blanket and peanuts and headphones and hot face towels like zomg. I would usually use my laptop during the flight but I ended up just watching movies from the screen in front of me. Okay jakon mode off now ^^

I had such a horrible sleep during the flight as I was sick. Anyways we arrived ard 5am plus and we slept at the hotel lobby because our room wasn't prepared yet. Couple of hours later, we walked out to the car rental shop so that we can take a drive around the city. 

You would think that it would be a concrete jungle here but noooooooo. Everything was so quiet and there weren't much tall buildings. And the wind was pretty strong that morning and we were freezing!

We managed to get a hybrid which did not make a single noise. We could barely tell if the engine was on!

Ah yes, brought along my favourite pair of shades which Fai got for me while in China.  

Went to Harbour Town first because Nabilah suggested that we go there (and thank goodness we did!). It's basically like the IMM of Perth only with a wider variety of brands and I was so looking forward to what they have at Cotton On! Yeah I'm mainstream like that. I do wish they had H&M and F21 though. 

I don't know about you guys but whenever I'm on holiday, I'd tend to be reminded of some friends which I know would love this place! For instance, the sales here were cray cray and it reminded me off Hannah who I can imagine would go crazy in every store!


Anyways, I got a pair of footwear which is so much different than what I usually wear (in other words, it's out of my comfort zone but I like it!), a kimono cardigan, a sleeveless top and a knitted cardigan. It doesn't feel much to me but it'll do! Besides, it was only the first day and I wouldn't want to finish up all of my money! :/ 

We had our first meal in Perth afterwards. We had a choice between burgers and kebabs and we choose kebabs because we were supposed to go to Turkey but it got cancelled so yeap. And it's pretty common to find kebab shops in Perth too! 

The portion was huge! I am so sharing a meal the next time I come here. 

Afterwards, Dad drove us to Fremantle which was just outside of Perth. It seemed like it took forever so I fell asleep in the car (and yes, with my contact lenses on). I hope nothing happens to my eye tho! I'm a noob when it comes to contact lenses heh. 

Anyways, Fremantle is probably the cutest little town I've ever been to. It was so breathtaking.  

Sissy got herself some ice cream while all I could do was watch because I was still sick.
:( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( 

My sister getting into the Hunger Games spirit after she bought that Katniss inspired outerwear from Cotton On earlier -.-

Got some anklets for the FYP girls from this lady. She's ultra talented!  

We came across this adorable shop and I fell in love with it instantly!

They were filled with lots of really nice knick knacks! The fairy lights was just, wow. I wanted to buy every design there is to hang it in my bed room wall because it looks so prettyyyyyy!

 Headed back to the hotel around 2pm or so while my parents sent back the car and look for food to pack for dinner. 

It was a pretty basic room and sissy and I got our own room which is such a relief! So glad that we don't have to bear with our parent's snores. Actually speaking of which, some friends from the Pre-FOW camp said that I do snore and I was like NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. I'm still in denial guys. I DO NOT SNORE :( 

Had steak burger for dinz! It was so so so good and I was willing to finish the whole share of it despite being full heh. 

And then I spent the rest of the night playing Sims and watching movies. I so so so so wanted to blog but the wifi connection sucks big time. I guess I'll be blogging about the rest of my days in Perth within the week or during weekends. I hope you all don't lose interest eventually because I did some really exciting stuff! Like went for a farm stay and going sand boarding. It was wicked! 

Nonetheless, I'll be back to blog about the rest soon. So this is the end of my first day in Perth! I better sleep now because as of tomorrow, I'm a senior baby! Actually nothing to be excited about, meh. 

Ending off with a cheeky selfie!

Goodnight lovelies! And good luck to all poly students on your first day tomorrow! *spams hugs*

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