Monday, 21 April 2014

Cafe Hunting: Espresso Bar Cafe // Perth Part 2!

Greetings starshines!

Today marks the first day of my senior year. But more on that on a seperate post!

Back on to my second day in Perth! 
If you haven't read the first part, you may click here :) 

Woke up pretty early and we went down to have a very fruitful breakfast. Still suck that I couldn't drink the juices because I was still coughing like mad :(

The food was fairly good. The hashbrown compensated with everything hehe. #hasbrownsftw

Went back to the lobby to look at the pretty flyers and whatnot. 

The cover girl sketch was so gorgeous! I want that kind of big hair sia guys, how ah :( 

Boarded the coach and headed to the jetty to transfer to another bus for a city tour. 

I took these photos while I was in the bus. Didn't really get up close to it but I did pass by most of them during one of the days. 

And anyways, I was too buys adoring the old fashioned monuments that I did not pay attention to the name of each building hehehehe. 

Our first stop was the Kings Park. The coach captain dropped us off directly in front of these scented plants. Gosh guys, you can imagine how extremely heavenly it feels.

There was finally so much greenery around here. Aussie doesn't get much rain as compared to Singapore so there wasn't much healthy plants around, except for here of course. 

The view of the city was just beyond amazing. It feels like I could hear the angels singing while I was looking out. HAHA ok drama. 

Went back to the coach and headed to Fremantle, again!

So one of my objectives here was to eat at a cafe and I did! I was so excited when Dad agreed to chill here while Mum shops for her knitting stuff (boring!). 

And do you remember the part when I said that I tend to be reminded of my the people back home? Well this place reminded me of Kak Dilah and Liyana because I know they would just love it! 

I love how cafes always have a different touch to normal eateries. This one in particular has a long bench on the left with all the pillow throws and magazines! It feels like home here. 

It was pretty overpriced (like 6 AUD dollars for a slice of cake wtf) but they were super generous with the portion. I would trade coffee bean for this any day! 

I can imagine how much this place would be a big hit if it opens in Singapore. I'd prolly go here every week! 

Went back out for a walk and we decided to ditch (ok not ditch) the tour and went around on our own. The place was filled with really unique shops. I came across this pre loved bookshop where they wrapped some books so people wouldn't know what book it is. It was so cool!

And the books here were a lot cheaper too! And the variety! Oh gosh... 

Dad got sushi because we were craving for some Asian food. Hehehe. 

We went to a lot of stores like Cotton On and Target. Yes guys they have Target! It was practically a dream come true because I've always heard some beauty youtubers mention it. It's basically similar to Metro only a better because the clothes are wayyyyy nicer. I really hate how Metro sells their clothes at affordable prices but it looks like it's catered for older people (not old people, just people older than me). And they sell really cute straighteners at friggin $19 (AUD) guys! 

Moving on, we got super hungry afterwards so we headed to a seafood eatery (which is really common around this area since it's located near the coast). The portion was really huge so we only had two meals and even so we could barely finish it! 

Reminds me so much of LJS and MFM. Nearly costs the same but the portion is bigger!

Took the train back to Perth afterwards.
And let me just say, if it was Singapore, at least three people would be stomped for either not giving up the seat to the elderly or putting their bags on another seat. Just saying. 

The ride was nearly thirty minutes or faster. And then we took the bus back. The CAT bus service was free btw, yeay!

Oh and I really love the flowers here. I almost wanted to pluck each flower I see!

After that was just, that. Had cup noodles for dinner (which my parents bought at a convenient store) and watched some movies and played Sims. Yknow the usuals. 

Will be back soon for part three! Goodnight lovelies! xx

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