Happy Father's Day!

Sunday, 15 June 2014
Greetings starshines!

Before the day ends, let me introduce to you a very important person in my life and it is none other than...

my dad!

I barely ever talk about my dad even during the previous father's day because, I never knew what to say. My dad has always been the kind of man with very few words. Actually not really but as compared to my mum... ehems. Anyways!

I don't know about your dads but mine has always been very practical and realistic. It was pretty hard for me when I was at my crossroads after my O Levels results were released as I grew up having a fictional mind and believing in all those dreams come true drama only to find out that well, sometimes your dreams may not be able to accommodate to your financial needs. And it was my dad who taught me that. 

I love my dad no matter how annoying he is and he's always there for me in many ways that not many people can be. If you're able to picture a scenario where you're on the edge of a high element with your parents at the bottom getting ready to catch you, who do you think you would most likely jump to? I guess it would be your dad right? :)

There's just so much more to say about my dad. He has done so much for the family and I am eternally grateful.  

As much as I'm aware that my father is proud of me to be in the profession I'm in, I hope that he'll be prouder if a better opportunity comes my way and I decide to take it because being the typical, stubborn person I always am, I refuse to believe that there isn't something out there which makes me happy. Hey, the peacock has to fly right? HAHAHA. 

(Inside joke btw. You have to watch The Other Guys to understand hehe.)

So happy father's day to the man who taught me how to ride a bike, who taught me how to swim and who's heart is as big as a double quarter pounder with cheese burger, my dad. I love you to bits and pieces and I know you always come into the room to give us kisses before you leave to work... and always forgot to close the door after that! 

PS: I hope you liked the cologne I got for you. A&F is probably not your scene so I took the liberty of going in and picking out a random cologne (because it all smells the same to me, actually Rafiq picked it out lol) on your behalf! Don't worry, I was admiring every angle *winks* 

So here's a summary of what le familia and I did today, 
Rot at home > Went out to City Square for dinner @ The Manhattan Fish Market > Bought some scrapbook stuff > Saw my favourite purple dinosaur > Went home! 

Yes my childhood is complete now that I've met Barney in real life *sigh* 
 I'll end of here for tonight and let the pictures do the talking! Muah muah muah!

(Photos taken with my iPod 5) 

Goodnight lovelies! Xx

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