Sunday, 8 June 2014

Small Talks

Greetings sunshines!
I don't know about you guys but this time of the day is definitely the worst! The sun particularly shines a gazillion times brighter at this hour and it's constantly making me a gazillion times more lazier than I already am! Mehehehe :p 

I realize that I'm the kind of blogger who waits for something big to happen before uploading a post. Oh how I envy rachell and typicalben for their daily exciting posts! Not that I have anything big to blog about but I just thought I should update you guys about what's up with my life lately. 

Senior year has been one hell of an emotional ride. I'm still trying to cope with dealing with my emotions (related to this post) and yes, it's been THIS long. I don't really want to dwell on my thoughts about it because it honestly feels like it was just yesterday but in reality, it was months ago. Everything has definitely been emptier. Feels like there's this hole in my chest which is trying to cover itself up with my source of everyday happiness (aka family and friends) but at the end of the day, he's still not here. I feel like I'm surrounded by a sea of people but what's the point of being surrounded by people if the person you want to be with is not there? 

So much for not wanting to dwell on my emotions eh. Let's talk about something else! 

Just recently, all the senior year nursing students found out about our attachment places for PRCP (which stands for Pre-Registration Consolidation Placement) which is basically what all of us have been preparing for. It's just our typical hospital attachment that I'm sure most of you have heard of but in addition to that, we'll be taking cases and will be attached to a preceptor. 

Where am I allocated to you may ask? I don't know if I'm considered lucky but well, I'm posted to NUH. It's not what I hoped it would be but it's definitely better than my previous posting. Like xyz times better! 

I doubt any of my course mates are looking forward to it. I mean, who is right? But if it means that I'm a step closer to graduating then I shall give it my best shot nonetheless!

As for the people in my life, well same old same old. Liyana and I have been making bizarre decisions to go on holiday and migrate together. I have never met anyone who takes my travelling plans seriously and then this girl came along and she was like "Babe, wanna migrate after our bond? Just the both of us." I can't explain how touched I was when she asked me considering that she had other close friends also! I have given much thought about it and I am considering migrating with her :) 

Rafiq is currently in his next transition of his NS life and has been appointed to be a medic (or medic specialist to be exact, he gets pretty mad if I don't get it right heh) which is pretty awesome for him with his nursing background and all. Both of us have come a long way since we first met and I am not usually the kind of person who could sustain a friendship purely based on texting. Yes, throughout our three years of being friends, we only met twice. There were many instances in the past where he would make me feel insecure and a lot of people has told me to just end the friendship but he has changed so much and he became the reason why I should not give up on people easily. 

I'd like to go on about everyone in my life but basically, everyone's fine and dandy :) We're all just stressed out about our common tests and final year projects. The thought of our presentation starting just weeks after school reopens is freaking me out! 

I know you're probably thinking what the hell my first paragraph is referring to. Well, I typed out half of this post in the late afternoon when it was really hot and humid and now the weather's just calming. It's just so serene and my body's telling me to sleep but my mind's like "NO BITCH YOU HAVE TESTS TO STUDY FOR WHY ARE YOU STILL BLOGGING". 

Okay done!

All the best for your tests everyone! Xx

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