Get Ready With Me: YiTeng's Secret Garden Themed Birthday Party!

Sunday, 1 June 2014
Greetings starshines!
I've been wanting to do a beauty post in forever and I finally had the time to do so! One of my best girls, Yi Teng, turns 21 this coming Monday and she has decided to throw a party this weekend! Themed parties just makes me so excited and I actually planned a week ahead on what I should wear. I even ordered a couple of new floral headbands from prettyloved_! Yes, I still have an obsession over floral head crowns that I might just consider wearing them to school for a week!

Alright on with the make up now! 

Here's my naked face, mehhh hahaha! I can't stop looking at that zit on my forehead! It's annoying yet hilarious to look at! 

Then I went ahead to wear my contact lenses. 

I'm currently using Acuvue Daily lenses and frankly, it hasn't been very good to me. It constantly falls out whenever I put them in and not to mention that it stings during the first two minutes. I actually took roughly 15 minutes plus to put them on and I wasted two left lenses because it keeps on falling out! Okay maybe it's me but I honestly didn't have any problems with the previous brand. But the plus side is that it's super comfortable and I could barely feel anything (except for today it was pretty uncomfy but maybe it's because I got some dust in it). I remembered one day when I totally forgotten that I wore them and I actually bathed while it's still on! Plus, it's super easy to remove but I notice that it's really dry. 

Okay moving on! 

I applied some sunscreen onto my face first and I'm using one with whitening. 

After that I just blend them with my fingers ^^ 

Moving on to foundation. I actually just bought this one and it's hands down the best foundation I ever own! 

I was at Sephora and was actually looking for a foundation with a matte finish but so far only a couple brands have it and it was quite pricey. Besides, the coverage was way too heavy for me so I followed my instincts and bought the liquid foundation from Benefit!

I actually used this method of applying by some youtubers heh. I'm pretty used to compact foundation which is easier to apply but this method's just hits the spot when it comes to liquid foundation.

I don't know about you girls but using a brush may leave harsh lines so I'd usually have to blend it a bit!

And tadaaaa! I'm using my beauty blended from Too Cool For School. This thing costs 9 friggin dollars, zzzzzzzzzzzz. 

You're prolly thinking why I should just use the blender to blend (lol) the foundation instead of the brush. Well, I just find it faster because all you have to do with the brush is swipe it all over your face as compared to the blender where it's preferable to dab it.

I definitely love how natural and flawless it looks, don't you?

On with concealer!

And to set everything up, just using my regular compact powder :) 

This is also one of the things I would recommend if you want something which looks natural plus it's a drugstore product so it costs lesser! 

On with the brows!

I'm actually not very good at doing my brows hehe. 

After this I'm just doing my eye makeup: Eye shadow, mascara and eyeliner.

LOL weird close up photo because I wanted to show you how pretty dramatizing the mascara is! 

I'll list down all the things I used in this post later on :) 

Alright idk about you girls but cheeks are my favourite part! 
I started with some bronzer. Just did a little but of contouring, nothing big. 

Then moving on with my regular pink blusher!

Lastly, I sprayed some shimmers on my face! 

Finally, the lips! 
Prepped them up with some lip balm.

And thennnnnnnn,

Decided to go for a soft pink :) 


Tada my make up's done!

For my nails, I used this baby pink colour from China Glaze :) 

And for my hair, I sprayed some dry shampoo and wore a floral headband! 

And there you go! My look for the party! Okay actually this was taken when I got back and don't worry, the make up's pretty long lasting. I just perspire a lot. 

As for my outfit, I wore a colourful kimono cardigan, a white studded top I got from Cotton On (Australia) and my all time favourite maroon pants from IMM :) 

And here's a list of the make up I used (in no order): 





If you're wondering where I got my floral headbands, they're all from prettyloved_. You may add them on intsagram and facebook!

Anyways, I shall move on to the party now. I won't be putting in captions or typing anything in between but it was basically a fun day! I'm so glad to be able to reunite with my year one class and it was just a day full of so much laughter! Yi Teng actually cried after we sang the birthday song and when she received our presents (particularly the EXO cup from Nadz)! And as usual, Fithri was the light of the party with his antics.

Alright photos now! Btw, birthday girl is in the grey dress and pink floral headband :) 

Saved my favourite photos for last :) 

That's it for the day! 
Happy Advanced 21st YiTeng! Thanks for the invite and I wish you all the best for senior year and may you grow to be a great person and a wonderful nurse :) 

Goodnight lovelies! xx

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