Formal Saturday!

Wednesday, 23 July 2014
Greetings starshines!

What a perfect time to blog about a formal day in school right before your final year project presentation, no? :) 

For those of you who do not know, it's essential for all (or majority of) poly students to do their final year project and let me tell you that all the preparation and data collection really eats up whatever little social time you have left. I've been going home late as of lately and actually doing something productive. I remembered looking up to my seniors who used to spend their break times doing their slides and how I admired them for their dedication and hard work but now when I do it, it just feels like a norm for all of us. I mean, I was at the atrium at roughly 9pm and almost half of the people there were HS students. 

Anyways, so glad that it'll all be over soon.

Moving on!

I attended this workshop on interview and resume skills which I did not find beneficial but it was compulsory so I attended it anyways. The only thing fun about it is that we all get to wear formal clothes (yes, I find it fun because my formal clothes is just pretty comfy so I don't really mind heh!) and we did a lot of camwhoring! Well, I didn't really get to take lots of photos with different people because one lecture theater only limits to like 4 tutorial groups so yeah, meh! 

I mean my day was pretty boring but when you're sitting next to Shark and Ryan, it becomes a whole lot more colourful! ^^

Alright time for photos! 

Of course I had to take photos with my favourite girl :) 

And here's Haz forever spamming my camera with her selfies!

Went to this quiet corner to take more photos. I actually became obsessed with white backgrounds since I became Liyana's personal photographer, HAHA. 

And when there's good lighting and you're surrounded by makciks, you take more ridiculous photos!

Okay my photos now!
Credits to Liyana and Haz! 

I actually had a proper formal top I bought at uniqlo and I only wore it once for my nursing research presentation in year two and to be honest, it didn't quite fit me (but I was rushing for time so I bought it anyways). And I finally found the perfect white top from Mango which costs only $30! And ah my gawd, it's uber comfy! I love those thin translucent long sleeved tops because I tend to perspire less due to the material. 

Some photos with some friends now! 

With Liyana :) 

With Wardina!

And Hazliyana! 

Went back out and bumped into this noisy clique so I decided to take a photo of them, haha! 

And of course, I had to take a photo with this spongebob with the biggest appetite!  

And then I'm so so soooo glad that I bumped into Syaz! 
(Actually had to go across the level to take this photo with her hahahaha)

So yeah, that's it about that day. Was pretty boring but once you have themed day at school, everyone gets super excited to see each other in school ^^ 

All the best to all year threes presenting for FYP this week! It's all gonna be worth it so hang in there! :)

Ending off with a photo with shark (WITH MAKEUP). 
Not that it's obvious but taaadaaaaaaaaaaa!

Goodnight lovelies!

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