My First & Last Racial Harmony Day in NP

Thursday, 17 July 2014
Greetings starshines! 

I'm gonna assume that majority of my readers reading this post are my course mates and if you are, hasn't it been reaaaaaal tiring lately?!?! Lucky for those who have completed their megacode this week and if not, all the best for the rest of us having to cope with our final year project presentation and megacode! At least it's photoshoot week next week, yeay! 

Alright alright moving on. It's that time of the year again! 
Technically, Racial Harmony Day falls on 21/07 but for some reason, HS celebrated it wayyyyyyyy in advance. I'm pretty impressed by the fact that majority of the student population actually decided to dress up for the occasion. The RHD spirit hasn't been very high during the last couple of years but I'm so glad that it turned out pretty good this year and especially so since it's the last time I'm able to celebrate it :) 

On with the events during the day! 

Like every other Wednesday, I went to school with Syazana who just came in normal clothes. I was about to feel really self conscious but in the end, all the stares didn't really bother me. I even got a few Selamat Hari Raya greetings from strangers which was sort of lame lah but HAHA, layankan jer lah! 

So I wore my mother's baju kurung! Just the top and the kain (bottom) belongs to me. 

I know what you're thinking. 

No my darls. It's actually really comfy! I barely even perspired! And my shoes were the ones I bought from Aussie :) 

Before we go on, let's just take a moment to look at these couple of photos of my good friend, Naddy, who decided to pair up her ethnic clothes with some swag shoes. 

(Btw if you're reading this, I'll try to email you the photos ASAP!)

Moving on now :) 

Here's Liyana, Umar, Hasinah and Nad taking a selfie. I usually love taking this sort of photos hehe!

With this noisy girl, aka Nadiah! 

With the other noisy girl, aka Hasinah!
And I mega ultra love that what we wore almost matched!

And of course, the fashionista, aka Liyana :) 

Took some photos of the Malay dancers afterwards. 

Some random class LOL. I liked those tight fitting costume sia serzly. So sexy, yet conservative. 

Zaimah and Filzah! I actually wanted to take a photo of their eyeshadow. Damn nice lor! 

JingYi, Saliha, Nurul, Yi Xiang and Wani! 

The girls were rehearsing when this Prema Deli came to like macam faham give directions and all. HAHAHA damn funny! 

Okay on with the RHD programme!

The emcees for the day. It's pretty weird to not have Muddy and Nabil behind the booth. So used to their wackyness already :(

All the dancers taking a photo before performing :) 

Some of le classmates! 
Shelton, Rajes, Aidah, Adeline and Le Sean :) 

First up, we have the Myanmar dance! The girls were all so petite! 

Then the Indian dance!

And finally, the Malay dance! 

And then that's it! Pretty small celebration but the turn up was pretty overwhelming! 

Nadiah and Syamsiah :) 

With Shanti who looks damn gorg in her costume! I jelly! ><

Nad and Shanti! 

Some photos with the girls!
Myself, Nadiah, Mdm Azimmah, Aisha, Aisha (yes two Aishas), Zaimah and Filzah!

And of course, we cannot forget my favourite drama queen. 


Went around the level to camwhore some more! 

Danial (center) and Wardina (far right). Idk the girl on the left heh!

With the wacky Ashraf! 
And yes he paired his jubah with bright sports shoes. A round of applause for this guy for his unique fashion sense! 

And if you guys haven't heard, HS has a new makcik. 

I honestly did not expect it to be Fai! I guess this is what nursing does to guys in the long run. HAHAHA KIDDING FAI. 

Or, maybe I take back my words because....

Yeah don't ask. 

With the beautiful Wardina!

Ashraf and Rajes!

Myself, Zul, Kai Wen, Farah (YES SHE'S WEARING SNEAKERS WITH HER BAJU KURUNG) and Jasmine! 

And omg guys! Let me introduce to you to a very special friend of mine! (Not even kidding!)

This is Aliff! *wave* And why is he special you may ask? 
This boy has pretty much saw me grow up ever since we were in primary school! Not that we're uber close but we actually go way back and we have been in the same school since we met! It is just pure coincidence that we ended up in the same course. I always love bumping into him in school because he gives the best hugs! And hey we have almost the same hair colour! HAHA!

Finally with Aidah and Zaimah! Aka gossip partners in class HAHA! 

That's it for today then. I'm so glad that I dressed up today. Can't really say that I'm looking forward to the next time I get to wear an ethnic costume to school because it's already my last year but it has been really fun! I love school events like this because it just brings us closer even if it's just for a photo. 

Ending off with a photo with my class!

#onelove <3

I better get some sleep now! Goodnight lovelies! 

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