Syawal 2014 (Part 1)

Sunday, 3 August 2014
Greetings starshines! 
First and foremost, Salam Aidilfitri to all my Muslim brothers and sisters! :) 

So I finally managed to squeeze in some time to blog about how raya has been for me. And after yearsss of using the same container to store in our kuih, we finally bought new ones! We actually spent like the LAST NIGHT of Ramadhan at Ikea to get them. Surprisingly there were many others there who were doing some last minute shopping too! 

So yeap, new containers, new cups AND we added some fake flowers in the middle of the coffee table!

I love how it adds a really elegant touch to it :) And it's all making me so excited for people to come over! ^^

And another reason to look forward to raya...

Actually, despite still being in school, a few of my relatives have decided to stop giving me raya money because firstly, I'm bonded - and apparently that somewhat means that I'm "earning" (meh) and secondly, well I look like a working adult at first glance. HAHA! 

Next is my essentials. 

My bag is a Kate Spade Holly Street Ruby which I am absolutely in love with! I also bring my camera which I usually hang around my neck. The bag's pretty small and it could only fit in my phone, ipod and a few other small things - in this case, my lipstick! 

Which I bought from The Body Shop by the way :)

And lastly, my shoes! 

I was pretty glad to be able to find a shoe my size (because I'm a Euro 42/44). I practically went around IMM looking for the perfect shoe and who knew that I would find it at Bata?!?! 

Alright alright, photos of people now! 

With ohana <3
These were taken after the house visits and they were the only family photos. 

So like any other first day of Syawal, my day started off with spending roughly 1.5 hours getting ready (because I was curling my hair). And after seeking forgiveness etc, we headed out to my paternal's grandmother's side :) 

Some cheeky car selfies! 

At Nyai's house now! 

With Bella :) 

With Nyai! 

That's about it at my dad's side >.< 
There wasn't really much to talk about because I'm not really close to them.

Off to my maternal's now!

With my aunts and cousins and my cute lil niece! 


(And in case you're wondering, all these cute babies are my nieces and nephews!)


With the wacky and annoying Sophia!

With my baby cousin, Khairul. 
Ok not so baby now. 

Super mega ultra love this photo of Nad, Soph and I :) 

With Tyas! 

Lil Raushan!

The cousins and I went out for some camwhore sessions! 

And that was about it for day one! 

We went back out for our raya outings this weekend so these set of photos were from yesterday! 

Watch from @diamonddrops (on instagram).
And yes, it's an imitation because I got a tip from a few people to not buy the original. #noragrets

Again, a few more car selfies!

We went to Ibu's house first. 
And yes, ibu means mother in Malay and I know she's my aunt so technically I should not call her that but in most Malay families, there's bound to be an aunt who we would address as "mother" and idky itzliddat yknow.

Ibu always puts in so much time to prepare yummy food for us. She's a pretty good cook for someone who spends lesser time in the kitchen than a housewife!

With the ever so gorgeous Kak Hanim :)

Ibu and Momsie! 

Headed over to another aunt's house afterwards!

Lil Idris was there!

And so was Adam!

Adam with his Aunt Ika and annoying ol Uncle Hanan!

Family selfie! 

With sissy, Kak Yati, Kak Hanim and moi ^^
And if you look closely, there's a photobomber at the back ;) 

And lastly, they came over to my crib! 

In case why you were wondering what's up with Kak Hanim's and Abg Hanan's facial expressions, well, my mum whipped out some crazy spicy fried rice!

That's it for yesterday! 

We carried on today to my paternal side. Just visited some of the elder relatives who I only see once a year or during special occasions. Shall let the photos do the talking because I'm not very familiar with them tbh heh. 

That's about it for raya so far! I've been enjoying myself a lot during these outings and I can't wait for more raya outings during the next few weekends! 

As usual, ending off with a photo of me earlier :) 

Goodnight lovelies!

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