Alive Museum!

Sunday, 10 August 2014
Greetings sunshines! 

I would've taken a pretty long time to blog about this but I decided to not edit them because I think the natural lighting does enough justice to make the photos look brighter (because I like bright photos with dark filters but in this case, #nofilter) ;) 

So! I got an invite to the Alive Museum by omy Blog Club in conjunction with the Singapore Blog Awards! I was pretty excited because it was my first time getting selected for a blog club invite! *SPAMS HAPPY FACES* 

Alive Museum is Korea's original and biggest chain of Illusionary Entertainment Museum consisting of different kinds of art - from trick, object and also digital art! I'm often really fascinated by 3D artworks I saw online and I never knew that I could ever experience it in Singapore! 

Decided to bring along Syaz & Cheston along and noticed that I was the only blogger who brought along two guests while the rest brought only one :p :p :p

Anyways before I start, I would just like to say that these photos (as in the one I took, not the one at the displayed at the museum) don't really look 3D because it was pretty hard to find the right angle despite the photo point markings on the floor - or maybe it was just us lol. Furthermore, the reflection of the lights on the wall make it less convincing. Nonetheless, it was an extremely incredible experience and you just have to be there! Details at the end of this post! 

On with the post now! 

When we went in, the first few photos were, well...

pretty graphic >.< 

Moving on..

Meet Cheston the body guard..

And chessy the sexy lady! 

Syaz trying to act all royal! 

Prima ballerina yet? Lol I kidz! 
Seriously tho, I've been wanting to take up ballet since forever! Not that I will start now HAHA! 

My favourite part! 
Because I like mermaids. Mermaids are the bomb diggity. Mermaids ftw! 


Hmm yeah if I was Cheston I would've done the same thing. 

Our favourite room :) 

From the looks of this photo, I would highly suggest for you to not wear a skirt here ;) 

Can you guess if I'm sitting or standing? ;)

First base with Spiderman. Not bad eh Syaz!

My favourite set of photos!


Cheston break dancing, aingggggggggggggg!

Favourite photo of this two!

Attempting splits!

I love how my hair looks here!
(Pssst, if you've been here, you'd know why.*WINKSS*)

Finally a sweet and decent photo of Syaz and Cheston. Just in case you didn't know, they spend merely every ten seconds annoying each other in lecture. 

Our wish-my-boyfriend-was-here-instead-of-her face >.<
Seriously tho, I wished Rid was here. 

And my favourite photo with this girl!

And that's about it! 
But almost! 

Alive Museum is currently having a promotion! 

Who wouldn't be hungry after spending two hours snapping photos and doing different poses? And believe me when I say that it gets pretty exhausting! 

By purchasing a full priced ticket and liking their Facebook page, you can get a Burger King (located next to the museum) meal for free! The meal includes whatever's that mentioned in the photo above :) 

Promotion ends at 30 September so don't wait!

For more information about Alive Museum including ticket pricing and other events, visit for more details.

Thank you for the invite! Looking forward to attending future events with you :) 
Ending off with a photo of me trying to escape a giant crocodile!

Have a good day ahead lovelies! 

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