Syawal 2014 (Part 2)

Wednesday, 20 August 2014
Greetings sunshines!

I honestly hate to see Syawal fly by so fast. Barely even get to spend time with my old friends and not to mention that I fell sick a long the way :( Oh well, there's always a next time, insha allah :) 

Shall just get into it!
Let's start with National Day! 

I can't remember going anywhere else other than Ella's Open House! Was so happy as it was my first Open House invite!

So yes, I went there with the guys because Nad and Zul was late and omg let me just say that guy talk is so... zzzzzzzzz. HAHAHA! I mean despite having more guy friends than girls during my pre teen years, I can still never get used to how their mind works. First it's games then anime then soccer then girls and omg, I just can't seriously. Nonetheless, it was one heck of a good time! Plus, I wasn't embarrassed to take more than one serving of chickens! :p :p :p 

More friends came along afterwards.

And on the way back, we bumped into Shanti :) 

That's about it for that day! Thanks Ella for having us! 

On that same weekend, my family and I went to another of our relative's Open House. 

My cousin makes the best homemade garlic spread in the entire world. No joke. 

Then we headed to another Open House where my favourite kids live!

But first, let's take a moment to appreciate this next couple of photos of this girl.

I can never get bored of her antics seriously. HAHA! 

Lil Naila!
Can't wait for you to get over your fear of people so that we can play together ^^ Okay I think I just sound pedo right then lol. 

With the cousins and the niece :) 

Thennnnnnnn the next week, I went out with my poly friends. This was when I fell sick :( 

Somehow rather my living room seems to be a lepak-ground for my friends. I mean just look at Zul! HAHA!

(Spot the swollen eye)

Look at all the food which I didn't get to eat properly :( 
Thanks for inviting me guys! (Although I was the spoiler of the outing :( heh.) And thank you Umaira for letting me sleep on your bed and Nadiah for sending me home! *spams kisses*

Anyways, after deciding that I should not rely on the old paracetamol to cure my headaches and whatnot (because it eventually became useless), I went to the clinic on Friday evening and finally got prescribed some antibiotics and Anarex and I feel a whole lot better! 

Went ahead for another raya outing with my parents! To two of my aunt's place and one cousin's open house!

Us being the usual greedy bunch taking the whole two trays of the yummiest desserts there all to ourselves. >.<

Ok I know I know. What ze hell am I doing with a pathetic doll house?!
That dollhouse (actually it's a pet house k excuse me), used to belong to me! I passed it on to my cousin and after that she passed it to my niece! Can't believe that that thing has been around for three generations! I remembered how reluctant I was to give it away despite not using it anymore. I honestly can't explain how nostalgic it feels. 

Naira playing masak masak (aka cooking cooking). 

With my beautiful cousin Naddy!

Sara! Who's actually pretty okay to get along with if you get on her good side. See lah, with kids also must angkat a bit.

And oh you know me and my love for pink. It makes a good back drop aye?

Back out with Sophia & Naddy!

The whole gang!

Lil Naila!

Went ahead to our last house of the day! Not much photos because I fell asleep halfway hehe.

Jewel the leopard printed cat! 

That's about it for this post! I hope your raya has been as meanigful as mine :) Hopefully I'll be able to complete my revision in time to go for more raya outings this weekend! 

Ending off with a photo of Naddy, meselv & Abg Taufiq :) 

Shall get ready for my driving lesson tonight. Down with FTT and I am one step closer to getting my license! 

Have a good week lovelies! 

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