Sunday, 7 September 2014
Greetings sunshines!

Time for a long overdue photo spam post from my class BBQ the other day. I hate to admit this but I actually miss going to school. I miss the vibe, the food, the company and just, everything. 

Attachment has been both mentally and physically draining so far. It is just so exhausting and I am constantly spending whatever free time I have resting. I don't know if this occurs to all of you but just moments before my shift ends, I could feel my body temperature rising and my headaches and sneezes starts to kick in and then I'll be like, oh shit - because the worst thing that can happen during your attachment period is to get sick and ain't nobody got time to work on weekends!

Anyways, I'm still hanging because quitting at this point would be ridiculous. 

On with the post! Enjoy the pictures :) 

Featuring creeper behind me lol.

Have a good week guys! :) 

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