Food-ventures @ KL!

Tuesday, 21 October 2014
Greetings starshines!
I was actually wondering how am I supposed to go about blogging about my short trip since I didn't really take much photos during those three days. But anyways, let's start with the food!

All of us Muslims know what it feels to be surrounded by so many eateries but only being able to eat at 1 or 2 places. Trust me guys, it's incredibly annoying. So we did what every typical Muslim Singaporean would do in Malaysia - hunt for good food! 

1. Chili's 

Chili's has always been an all time favourite for my family (apart from Tony Roma's but we gave that a miss this time round). I love how western the place looks. Well, I haven't been to such restaurants in Singapore but I loved the noisy and hectic vibe here. And I love the service here! The staff are just so friendly and they have so much enthusiasm doing what they do. I mean hey, I was a waitress before and even I cannot be as on as them! 

Mum was being the usual I-won't-order-but-i-will-just-take-your-food so she just had the mash potatoes which was the bomb diggity! It has bits of beef jerky and a sprinkle of cheese and my oh my, they were so generous with the portion!

We had some mocktails which complimented with our steak really well. I had the melon-mango-mint flavoured one and it was incredibly yummy!

Now for the main course! *drumroll* 

No surprise that we had steak! 
Oh gosh guys, the steak were just so juicy and tender and ah my gawd, every bite was heaven! 

I remembered before when my family used to order the starters also but the portion was just too huge that when our main course came, we barely finished it! 3/4 of my family are big eaters but we have one member who's a fitness junkie (aka my mother), we only bought the main course for ourselves. Then again, it leaves room for more food later during the day! :) 

KLCC Chili's Grill & Bar
Lot 346B Level 3, Suria KLCC
Kuala Lumpur City Centre
50088 Kuala Lumpur
Tel : 03 2164 1400
Fax : 03 2164 4211
e-mail :

Operation hours:
Sunday - Thursday :11.00am - 11.00pm
Friday & Saturday :11.00am - 12.00am

Outback Steakhouse 

Next, we went to Outback Steakhouse situated at this really cute BBPark. This is where all the pubs and clubs are so I can really imagine this place getting pretty rowdy during the evening. 

My parents and sister has actually been here while I had to stay in sg so it was a first for me and the second time for them and they were so excited to come back! 

The portion was smaller than the one at Chili's but it was just as yummy! 

We had our meat medium well as compared to our usual medium rare and I must say that it is the new favourite way I like my meat to be cooked ^^ Plus you can choose two sides with your steak and I choose mash potatoes and chips! (Because potatoes ftw!) 

Outback Steakhouse 
BB Park GL-12 Low Yat Plaza No. 7
Jl. 1/77 Off Bukit Bintang
Kuala Lumpur 55100-Malaysia

Opening Hours: 11.00 am - 12 midnight 

So yeah those were couple of the best times of our trip since the shopping was not as fun as we thought. 

Moving on! Here's some other food we had :) 

You guys should really try the Classified Chicken pizza from Domino's. I've loved that pizza since forever!

I have to say that my favourite was Johnny Rocket's. It has such a cute diner theme and every 30 mins or so the staff would be dancing to some really old and retro songs and it was so adorable! 

As for the hotel, we stayed at Pacific Regency which was a regular for us and I do highly recommend it to all of you! It's situated near the Menara KL and it's walking distance to KLCC and Pavillion :) 

And who wouldn't love a roof top pool right?

And the other photos of the trip :) 

Lastly, the highlight of my trip was



It's actually a birthday present for myself and I actually planned to add a charm every year during my birthday (since I'm turning 20 this year!) and I am super in love with how it looks now (what more when I add more charms!!!) 

That's about it then! 

And just in case you guys are wondering what I'll be doing for my birthday, I actually do not have any plans. Not that I'm hinting anyone to make plans (because so far I have only whined to Rafiq and Liyana about how sad I actually am and they would know that I'm not hinting them also) and honestly, I'm over it. Not really gonna do anything big this year and I'm cool with it :)

Have an awesome week ahead everyone! Xx

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