Picnic with the Girlfriends

Sunday, 19 October 2014
Greetings sunshines!

Yes, about time I update this old blog. A day before I went off to KL for a short getaway, the girls and I planned to have a picnic at botanical gardens! Well actually, whenever we go out, it will always be picnics. Picnics are always my favourite thing to do although I don't do it very often and it's pretty hard to be able to find people who likes picnics too. Of course they can be such a hassle but you've got to admit that it is a much cheaper alternative than eating out, no? 

And anyways, I actually cooked this time! Made some potato salad (with no veges because we hate the greens) and spaghetti. Nothing fancy, just mixed the spaghetti with some chilli tuna and it is actually not as weird as it sounds *stares at Liyana cus she was judging me after I told her, meh!* 

It was definitely a beautiful day for a picnic that day. Not gonna get too descriptive about what happened because we spent 3/4 of the time talking heh. And anyways, here's some advice if you wanna have a picnic based on my experience on that day. 

  1. Bring a mat - because it's not cool to be sitting on the grass unlike in the movies 
  2. Do not wear short dresses because it's just not comfy
  3. Which brings me to my next point, wear something comfy 
  4. Chill the drinks that you brought 
  5. Look for a nice place under the shade to lepak on - preferably not on slopes.  
Shall let the photos do the talking now! These are from my camera because I can't seem to upload the one from Kariza's. 

That's about it guys!

Have a lovely week ahead! Xx 

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