Friday, 24 October 2014
Greetings starshines! 

I honestly thought that I would be spending the whole of  my birthday at home or at most go to the salon and get a hair treatment or something but there were actually a couple of surprises that happened on that day! 

So on the eve of my birthday, there was a family gathering at my aunt's and I knew that there would be cake because before we left for her place, my dad dropped off my mum and sister at bukit panjang plaza and when I asked what for, she said that it was a surprise and I was like, uhh okay? So I thought it was a surprise for the other October babies too since that's how we usually do it. 

Anyways, after lepaking at the place and stuff, my cousins brought out the cake and sang happy birthday to me. I was pretty shocked! Like I wanted to cut the cake before blowing off the candles *face palm* 

Turns out that my mum bought a durian cake which I actually really love but I feel bad for my relatives who hates durian :p 

And here's the three of us because my idiot sister was sleeping in the room -.-

Really hope they liked the cake as much as I did! It was pretty good to have a different cake other then secret recipe/awfully chocolate :) 

Soooo that evening, Ridhuan asked if I was free on my actual birthday and I said yes so he asked me out for a day full of surprises. So when I asked what were we going to do he said that we're gonna go cycling at ECP and afterwards have steak at simpang bedok. Then I was like okay, so was that the surprise and he was like "Ahhh, I think so, I also forget :p" Sigh, ladies and gents, that's a taste of my boyfriend for you. 

Anywho, we changed plans on the morning of my birthday because I was kinda exhausted from last night's Halloween night (which I am so thrilled to blog about btw!) so we made plans to ggo to SEA Aquarium instead. As usual, we got lost and ended up roaming around aimlessly and I could have sworn that we almost explored all the expressways in sg. We ended up going to simpang bedok for some breakfast before heading to sentosa. 

Yeap, wore my birks on that day. Very lepak right? 

Ah yes, we got a major discount (paid $25 instead of the usual $38) for the tickets which was pretty cool. And btw, I have actually been here with the girls for Nazirah's birthday (blog post here) before so that explains why I didn't take as much photos that day. Nonetheless, I'm always fascinated by all the fishes hehehe!

OMGGG I super duper mega ultra love the halloween props in the tanks. Damn cool sia omg!

The lights didn't change in the jellyfishes's tanks this time round :( 

And my favourite was the huge ass tank somewhere at the end. Everything was so fascinating! 

I actually really love puffer fishes. Reminds me of Mrs Puff and I kinda love Mrs Puff ^^ 

So we had some ice cream at Cold Stone afterwards because the weather was scorching hot! 

Walked around afterwards before heading to west coast for some lunch and then he drove me home :) 

So yeap, that was about it for the day with Ridhuan. Felt really blessed to have spent my birthday with this boy, so thank you to my favourite nerd for saving me from a day of boredom at home that day :* 

Reached home and the first thing I saw was this...

Feels like Christmas! Was so tempted to open them but my mum says to wait for the rest of the family to get back. 

Ah yes, and Rid bought me flowers!! 
There's actually a really funny and cute story behind getting these but I shan't share it here :p 

Anyways, when I did opened my presents, here's what I got! And I actually needed these things okay! 

I got the second 1D perfume!! 
Almost went crazy when I saw this because I have been wanting this since I saw it at Sephora! Plus it smells so much better than the first one! Pretty zesty, the way I like it :) 

Why I need this: My mum broke my favourite body shop perfume. So in a way, I needed a perfume pronto! 

I also got this adidas watch! 

While I was opening this present, my dad actually told me that there's a meaning behind this watch and it turns out that my cousin in law was the one who helped me reserve this watch before she passed away. My mum actually saw this watch during one of her fleas (it's still an original watch from the states okay) and it has been a few months since that flea. I honestly can't believe that she has been saving that watch for so long and suddenly there was a gush of emotions that filled me and I almost burst into tears. I'm just so so grateful to have a piece of her to remember her by :) 

Why I need this: I don't own a watch. Sooooo yeah :) 

I got the heavily raved push up liner by Benefit Cosmetics too! 

Why I need this: I suck at using eyeliner. I remembered one day at school when I wore eyeliner, Grace helped me "adjust" (lol wtf my English) my eyeliner and I was so embarassed like hello, even my sister knows how to wear eyeliner. So I actually attempted to use this and it was kinda easy! I've been wanting to achieve Zoella's kind of eyeliner

Or maybe just a regular cat eye :p 

Then they got me this cheek stain from tarte. 

Why I need this: Because the current blusher I have isn't as pigmented (and it's five years old anyways). 

And lastly, the Hello Flawless Liquid Foundation from Benefit Cosmetics which is the bomb diggity! This one is in beige but they do have larger variety of shades now! 

Why I need this: Because the current one I have is running low.

That's about it for my birthday. Thank you to those who have wished me and my family and boyfriend for the lovely gifts :)  

Well here it is, cheers to the big 20! *throws confetti* 

Goodnight everyone! :) 

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