USS Halloween Horror Night 2014

Saturday, 25 October 2014
Greetings sunshines!

I was actually contemplating if I should just post this up after Halloween as I didn't want to ruin anything for anyone who has plans to go there but I figured that I would barely have the time to blog about anything with my attachment starting soon and stuff. 

I invited Liana along with my cousins and sister to this year's HHN at USS and it was a first time for most of us. Reached that place around 6 plus and it was already crowded! 

There were a few carts which sells those halloween props so Yani, Sophia & I decided to get some horns (which friggin lights up!) for $6. 

Okay I shan't spill any spoilers from here on out but basically, there are four haunted houses and I remembered only having to wait roughly 40 minutes at most so I suggest not to get the express tickets. 

There were also a few rides which were open that night and yes, one of them was the Transformers! Just remember to be fast to void the queue! 

Enjoy the photos! 

That's about it! It was probably the most fun night I had! I won't rain on your parade and blog about how scary (or not scary) it was but for a first time, it was pretty worth it. 

For ticketing information, visit their website @ 

Have a good day ahead lovelies! Xx 

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