Sunday, 9 November 2014

Current Reads

More often than not, I'd usually talk about my love for books but what most of you don't know is that I actually hate reading. Yes, I said it. 

I get pretty amazed by how most story lines come about but I have an attention span of a two year old so I usually end up not finishing the reading the book. I discovered about Lang Leav when Naz sent me a beautiful message about the art of moving on and I fell in love with Lang and her work instantly. 

And we all know how Demi Lovato loves to inspire and motivate the rest of the world. It's right there sitting on my desk waiting to be read every single morning. 

So these two books are pretty much just right for me. It's filled with so much hope - the realistic ones - and I guess that's what we all need. 

There we go. My two cents about these books I'm currently reading. If you're a lazy bum like me who refuses to head to Kinokuniya because you're afraid of wasting your time if it solds out, then you may purchase these books by oscar and friends on carousell (here) and you can enjoy a torturous wait before the book arrives. 

At least, that happened to me because I was THAT excited. 

On a side note, good luck to all of us for the next four months of internship and I'll see you all during graduation!  

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