Recollections 2014

Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Greetings starshines!

So I guess it's time for me to stop procrastinating and start on this post. It's been a really long time since I get to sit on my desk and blog like a civilized person (as compared to legs-up-the-wall-while-I-lie-on-my-bed position). 

To be honest, these few days has been really emotional. It gets pretty hard to be happy after my grandmother passed away last weekend. I know that I have to move on eventually but just as I'm about to smile or laugh, I got reminded about her passing. It's really hard to believe that she's no longer with us (physically that is). But anyways, I shan't dwell on it any longer. I know I don't see her very often but it just feels like a whole new world without her. 

Moving on, if I had to describe my 2014, I would say that it has been one of the best year's of my life and obviously if it weren't for the people in it. 

Most of you would know that Rafiq would be one of my top few people who made such a huge impact in my life. All my life I've had so many people come and go and it's pretty hard to believe that someone could remain a constant in your life. It's amazing how we're still friends - close friends - although we don't meet up very often and it still boggles me as to why we are even friends for so long. Ah well, not that I'm complaining ;) 

Syaz and I? Still friends. Colleagues actually. I would think that fate would find it's way to put us in the same class, and it did for a while, but instead, we were in the same ward. We don't really get to spend a lot of time together except during breaks (that is if we're in the same shift) but we tried maximizing whatever little time we've got. Which reminds me, there's currently two senior staff who were from the same school and they've been working together for seven years. Perhaps that could be our new friendship goal! Ahahaha, not! 

Of course my family is doing best. My sister in her final semester of freshmen year and it's amazing how we behave as though we haven't seen each other in forever whenever I see her in campus but we act like total strangers at home :p I kinda envy her life right now. Her attachment is basically once every week and she gets to interact with kids and stuff. I've always loved working with kids (but I refuse to work in pediatrics - shall leave that story for another day). And my parents? Fine too. Mom is currently obsessed with yoga which is no surprise and Dad & I took up cycling as a hobby although I've been doing it less frequently. But yeah, we're all good and I'm so thankful.

I guess one of the best things that happened this year was when I found out that Naira (my niece) could recognize me. Not that I favour her as compared to the rest but seriously tho, there's just something about that girl which made her so, so lovable! Speaking of which, Kak Dilah has always been a role model to me (lol I can imagine you kembang-ing right now). She's honestly the best person to go cafe hopping with and I'm glad that we're able to share stories and how she's able to relate to mine and how she advice me etc etc. I might even consider working with her in the future if I feel like it suits me :) 

And then, there's Mr R. I have to admit that being with Rid feels like an adventure. All those impromptu trips to random places and making plans - not future serious plans tho! - plans like walking across a cool eating place and be like "hey, we should come here some day." I've always loved plans like those. And I love how he's so patient and thoughtful in his own annoying and goofy kind of way. Like hey cmmon, he saved me his krispy kreme donut when he could have it to himself. Like hellooooo even I wouldn't do that! Lol just kidding ^^ But I honestly cannot explain how great everything has been since he came into my life. So yeah not gonna elaborate more on our love story cus hehehe I shy *covers eyes*

Oh gosh come to think of it, there's just so many good memories in 2014. And the people in my life? I must have done something right to have such amazing family and friends.

To top it off, I've learned the art of just living my life the way I want and not based on others and to basically ignore the hate (which I get sometimes through my social medias but I choose to ignore them cus ain't nobody got time for that!).

I was thinking of blogging about my resolutions but we'll end here for now :) 

If you're reading this, thank you for investing lil bit of time in doing so. Wishing you guys a blessed New Year & may 2015 bring you more joy and happiness.

So cheers to 2015! 

Goodnight lovelies Xx

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