Tuesday, 6 January 2015

What's New in 2015

Greetings starshines!
I hope these few days have been good for you so far. I'm currently approaching towards the end of my attachment and I can't even begin to explain how much I miss being in school right now. 

Anyways, here are some things that's gonna happen this year! 

Graduate loh!
I actually am already proud of what I've already accomplished and I can't imagine the kinds of emotions I'll experience on my graduation day itself. It's just a huge reward for me after all the times I've stayed in school late, used up my break times to study, missing family outings for school commitments etc. But right now, I'm just gonna have to survive the remaining few weeks *inserts muscular arm emoji*

Starting work & getting registered
Of course, we all know that I have a three year bond to serve after my graduation (which officially starts in June). I'm actually really nervous when it comes to this but I'm just gonna get it over and done with. I might get registered by April so hope it all goes well! Of course, I'm looking forward to receiving my first proper paycheck and bonus :p 

Second career option? 
I'll be having a good three months of break before my work starts and I would stop receiving allowance money from my sponsor hospital. So yeah, what to do right? Work lor. My cousin is an educator and told me that they would need a relief teacher on some days so if that's the case, it would be Miss Artix to the rescue! And if (just if) I ended up liking the job, I might just consider working there as a full-timer after my three years. But we'll see how it goes ^^ 

Turning 21
Yes guys, I am finally turning 21! I've never been so excited about my birthdays since my 18th birthday! And I am planning a pretty big one this year! It's still not confirmed tho but I hope it happens! 

Melbourne Bound! 
I'M GOING TO MELBOURNE!!!!! My family went to Aussie last year and we couldn't get enough of it! We wanted to head to Perth again but then decided visit a different state. I am just so so excited about this trip! I got a quick look of where we're gonna stay and everything is just so gorgeous! I've yet to check out what's fun to do in Melbourne so if you know of any cool sites, do let me know! 

My first concert!
I have waited forever for One Direction to come to Singapore and that is finally going to happen! Just after I'm coming back from Melbourne, I'll be heading to the new indoor stadium to catch them perform live! There has been so many celebrities who had concerts here but I just wanted my first concert to be from 1D! So yes, I'm pretty ecstatic! I'm already planning on what I should wear! 

My cousin's wedding
One of my cousins on my paternal side will be getting married in roughly six months. We're not very close but I love going to weddings because of the food! Plus, since she's my direct relative, I might be heavily involved in, well, many things I guess. Oh who am I kidding, I'll just be there to take photos :p 

Going red, again?!
I've told a zillion and one people that I am gonna be dying my hair straight after my internship ends! I was initially thinking of going back to being a red head again but then I realize that it might be pretty boring already. (If you're curious to know what I look like in red hair, click here). I'm kinda looking into dying other colours but again, we'll see! 

That's about all the exciting things I could think of. Actually listing them all down is making me look forward to what the year has got to offer. Of course, I'm not exactly expecting everything to be smooth sailing but whatever it is, I'm pretty ready to face whatever challenges that awaits me. 

Till next time lovelies Xx 


  1. OMG please go red again. I'm absolutely in love with your red hair!!!