Tips for Healthy Hair!

Sunday, 21 December 2014

Greetings starshines! 

Many people would know by now that I love dying my hair although I don't do it very often and I wouldn't chose vibrant colours on my hair also. Oh, the irony. But yeah, I love doing all sorts of things to my hair and I don't usually pamper them on a regular basis. 

Anyways, I get lots of comments from people saying that I have really thick hair when in reality, it really is not. I used to have much much thicker hair when I was little but as I grow older, my hair got more thinner. I remembered my mum forcing me to cut my hair short and I have always hated how I look like in short hair. I became twice as insecure that I wouldn't even want to be in photos till my hair was at medium length. So ever since then, I tried my best to take care of my hair and make sure that I will never ever ever have to cut my hair short again! 

Of course I might just end up with short hair in the future but that's another story :) 

So of course, I made some changes. I'm no expert but I've definitely been getting a lot of questions about my hair (from random people I meet at work) so I'd just like to share the things I do to make my hair healthy! 

  1. Invest in a good shampoo for your hair
    First things first, know what kind of hair you have and get a shampoo suited for that hair type. I personally have an oily scalp so my shampoos have always been the Oil-Control kind. I'm currently using the one from Dove and it has worked wonders on my hair. I have lots of friends who doesn't like that brand so it is actually up to your own preference on the kind of brand you would like to use. It will obviously take some time to figure out what brand suits best but anything for healthy hair right? Honestly, I've always wanted voluminous hair so I stopped getting the Oil-Free ones for awhile and got the ones for more volume but sadly, it didn't work :( So maybe you can try working on the main problem for you hair and once that is solved, you can do anything else with it!

  2. Wash your hair twice every now and then
    Now now, I don't mean was your hair only twice! I'm sure everyone here washes their hair everyday, no? Okay I've actually seen some beauty gurus on youtube who could get away with not washing their hair for days and being able to achieve a really cute hairstyle from it, like wth! What I meant to say is that apart from your everyday shampoo routine, decide on a day or two to wash your hair twice. Despite using an Oil-Free shampoo, there are still days when my hair looks really oily and dull - particularly at the top. So after washing and rinsing my hair the first time, I shampooed it again, concentrating on the top and really using my fingers to massage my scalp to make sure the shampoo gets there. In addition to that, massaging your scalp improves the blood circulation and can make your hair grow longer faster too!

  3. Pamper your hair to a nice hair treatment once in awhile
    Okay yes, very pricey sometimes. Honestly, I don't do this very often also. Personally, I would only get hair treatments when I dye my hair. Otherwise, I'd probably do it only two or three times a year. But if you do decide to go for a hair treatment, inform your hairdresser about your hair type and he/she will work her way around it. If a hair treatment is too pricey, you can opt for a regular wash instead. Some people may not think it's worth it but trust me, these hairdressers have magic fingers I tell you. And I love the minty feel on my scalp when they shampoo my hair and when I get to lye down while they rinse it off. Sigh, those were the days when I actually had the time to do those things. Anyways! A regular wash would cost roughly < $20 at your local salon (not those classy ones you see in malls!) so think about it :)

  4. Keep your hair products to a minimal
    I'm sure you would see all kinds of brands prompting you to get more of their products other than their shampoo and conditioner (which btw I don't use very often also). So apart from shampoo & conditioner, you'll have their creams and oils and what not. So I don't deny that they might actually work but you do not want too much chemicals on your hair also. Personally, I would only use my L'Oreal Extraordinary Oil (click here for my review on it) before curling my hair as it acts as a heat protector, an argon oil for curly hair (in cream form) and hairspray after. Otherwise, I'd refrain from putting anything else on my hair because no matter how dry it may get at the bottom, I do prefer it looking natural.

  5. Snip it off!
    If all else fails and you can't stand your split ends any longer, have it trimmed! Some girls actually don't mind getting their hair trimmed once in a while but girls like me make it such a huge deal! Cutting of 1 inch of hair is really no joke, especially for someone who has been dying to have really reallyyyyyy long hair! Some people say that it will make your hair grow faster but I honestly don't find the link there since your hair grow from the roots and not from the bottom! But yeah, if your hair is getting out of hand, do consider a trim before it gets too crazy!

Well that's it for my tips to get healthy hair! Again, I'm no hair expert and honestly, this post is reallyyyy impromptu. I was just sharing some of my tips. At the end of the day, everyone has different hair types and different tips which may or may not work on you. So yeap! 

I hope this works out for you and if you have any tips that can make hair grow faster, feel free to share cus sharing is caring ^^ 

Goodnight lovelies! Xx

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