1D Concert 2015

Sunday, 15 March 2015
(This post is for my homegirl, Haz, who couldn't attend the concert that night. Really tried to take photos of Liam but he didn't appear on the screen a lot but I do have another surprise for you the next time we meet!) 

So I finally attended my first concert in my twenty one years and believe me when I say that I have been waiting such a long time for this day. I could have attended other gigs and concerts but I wanted my first one to be memorable so I just decided to play the waiting game, and it was indeed worth it :) 

Considering that it was my first concert, here are some things that I learned. 

  1. It's okay to not be get a free standing (aka moshpit) ticket.
    I have to admit that I was rather envious of those who got a free standing ticket but according to the news, there were fans waiting as early as 4am to secure a good place in the mosh pit. Now, I am a fairly big fan of the band but there is seriously no way I would sacrifice my sleeping time just so that I could be near the stage.
  2. Don't waste energy raving before the actual concert starts.
    The DJ played really good music before the band came out but I was trying to save it all when the concert starts. Besides, some girls in front of us were raving in front of us but by the middle of it all, they were dead beat!
  3. Know the songs.
    Yes, I did not know the lyrics to some of the songs. I wished I knew them so it would be more fun but I just kept on grooving as if I knew them :p
Anyways, I really liked how my photos turned out and it was one hell of a good night. Hirzi was even there to entertain the crowd when his jam was on and we all had such a laugh. 

Enjoy the photos! 

I honestly can't express how extremely relieved I am that I went to this concert. I know there are some people who don't fancy their music but I'm all for inspiring songs (Little Things for example) that I can listen to in case I need a little self-esteem boost.

So glad that I can strike this off my mental bucket list. I hope my other favourite artists come soon (hint hint: Taylor Swift/Maroon 5) so that I can see them live :)

Till next time lovelies Xx 


  1. It looks like you had a great time! :) One direction are fantastic in concert, so much energy! :) x

  2. Beautiful photos, i wait for my blog, follow me and i Follow you back kisses

  3. Super jealous ! Looks like you had the time of your life, I love it ! xo
    Can we follow eachother ? Let me know on my blog and I will follow back immediately xo

  4. Great post, I really liked your style. You want us to follow the one to the other? let me know. kisses


  5. Hello Sweetness! that nice post, is wonderful .. you say if we were to follow? you'll look back on my blog ... ;*