Friends Under One Roof

Wednesday, 25 March 2015
When I was growing up, my parents never loved the idea of me spending the night with my friends. On the contrary, my younger sister has been to a few chalets already. I guess it's probably because I'm more likely to end up in trouble *guilty* So despite approaching my early twenties, it still took some persuading for my mother to allow me to attend a chalet that some of my poly friends painstakingly organised. 

It was all held in Downtown East and I was a bit skeptical when I heard about it but ah well, there's a first in everything - and I needed a first in this. 

Anyways, I did not take much photos within those couple of days but even so, photos could not possibly justify all the fun I had. I haven't had so much adrenaline rush in the wee hours till that night while we were cycling by the beach and on random roads - still not a fan of uphills. But I guess my favourite part of it all was chilling on a breakwater halfway through cycling and looking out to the sea while enjoying each other's company. 

That's all for now. Goodnight lovelies Xx


  1. Such a lovely post, looks like you had such a nice time :) x


  2. Nothing beats a good quality time with your friends :) So many lovely pics, you can really tell that you guys had an amazing time together :D
    xx Livia