Melbourne Day 3

Saturday, 14 March 2015
If someone were to ever ask me what my favourite part of my trip was, it would all be described in this post :) 

We went for another tour on day three which started pretty late so my parents and I decided to have breakfast outside. Of course our options were limited but we just made do of what they have. It was too early to do some shopping anyways. 

As for the tour, we headed to Phillip Island - aka hometown of our ever favourite Hemsworth brothers *fangirls*. 

Went to a farm before exploring more beaches and oh how I extremely wished it was like this back home. I loved the sound of the waves violently craches against the seal rocks and the smell of the salty sea in the air (yes, I could literally smell the salt!). Every view was just breathtaking.

Anyways we ended off the day at a nature park, sitting on the stands by the beach while waiting for mama and papa penguins to surface and return to their babies with some food. Didn't take any photos of it as photography was not allowed but believe me when I say that it was the cutest thing ever! 

That's it for day three! Till next time lovelies Xx 

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