Hello April

Saturday, 4 April 2015

In the midst of travelling and just being excited that my poly life is officially over, I realized that I've forgotten all about a 'Hello March' post. Not that you guys missed out much but here goes April. 

To be honest, I don't really know what to expect for April but one thing's for sure is that I'm really not looking forward to being a full-fledged working adult. Oh well, I wouldn't want to rain on my own parade so I'll just not think about work while I still can :) 

So let's see, ah April...

Staycation with Liyana & Wardina! 
You would think that every Singaporean would have at least stepped into a local hotel once in their life - but not me. Actually, the first and only time I stepped into a hotel was during my school's dinner and dance. So the girls and I made this crazy decision to have a not-so-far getaway for awhile. To be honest, looking for the right crowd for a staycation isn't easy at all. I asked two different groups of friends before Liyana asked if I was interested and thank goodness she did! More details in a few weeks! 

Ridhuan's 20th *throws confetti* 
My boyfriend turns twenty this month. I don't really have much to plan for because sadly, my allowance has stopped so I'm short on cash :( I do want to make this one special because throughout these past couple of years, I never really did anything for his birthday (because we were rather complicated back then). But anyways, I shall think of something ^^

A new phone!
I was contemplating on whether I should include this as I'm still uncertain on whether I'd be getting a new phone this month as iPhone 6 seemed to be sold out everywhere. Yes, years after the iPhone's popularity was at its peak (and it somewhat still is), I finally gave in and decided to switch to Apple. I have to admit that I'm feeling rather half hearted about it but the features are pretty impressive. I really do hope that they still have them as I'd be pretty upset if they didn't :(

I guess that's it for my April. I do have a few blogging topics in mind so do stay tuned :)

Goodnight lovelies Xx 


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