5 Things I'm Thankful For

Thursday, 11 February 2016

  1. For Allah s.w.t
    Because I believe that no matter how much pain I'm in, I know that He'll lead me towards the path He has planned out for me - and I'm certain that there'll be so much more happiness and love and all things wonderful.
  2. My family
    For giving me life and for being my pillar of strength. For picking up the pieces no matter how repetitive my mistakes are.
  3. For my health
    Mentally and physically. Because I may not be the most healthiest looking person, but I'm thankful for looking average - with two eyes which used to be bigger, a button nose which looks even funnier whenever I scrunch my face and my dry (and very often pale) lips. I'm thankful for not being diagnosed with any dangerous and terminal medical conditions. I'm thankful that I have a heart that feels too deeply because it shows that I'm alive and only human. I'm thankful for still having a hearty appetite despite whatever emotional stress I'm in.

    I'm thankful that unlike many others, I'm able to express my feelings even when I'm at my lowest. I'm thankful for the emotional strength I never knew I had. I'm thankful for being able to battle through the stigma of having anxiety and finally gathering the courage to seek help from a specialist.
  4. For my friends
    For always being there for me at my time of need. For having my back no matter what and for making me laugh till I cry.
  5. For my past
    From being socially isolated and never ending failures. From heartbreaks to being publicly hated on social media. From all the ups, downs and all arounds. From every negative thing that happened, no matter big or small, I'm thankful for all those.

    Because it taught me that as we grow older, life doesn't get simpler. We're going to meet people who won't appreciate us and who will break our hearts. We will fail more, lose more and there will be days when we'll be at our lowest we've ever been. But the thing is, even flowers must go through dirt. So be strong and accept what is. Learn to forgive and keep moving forward. 
This is the last page of something rare and beautiful. I'm keeping that watch that you gave to serve me as a reminder of all the time we shared - every laugh and tear, every argument and conversation. I'll look at it as a gift from an old friend and hopefully, we'll be able to open our hearts to all the exciting adventures that's ahead of us - because when a door closes, a new one opens. 

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