New Zealand (Part 1)

Friday, 11 March 2016

Hello world!

I hope all these photos are enough to compensate with my previous posts.

It's currently my 5th day here at Lake Taupo, NZ and honestly, I think I've grown to love this place more each day. Not that I don't love SG, but this place is heaven and a part of me doesn't want to leave. Other than the fact that a lot of shops closes at 5pm and it is almost impossible to get halal food around, everything else is just spot on. The sun, the wind, the people. Everyone is so welcoming and there is always something new to do here.

For starters, I went bungy jumping the other day and mind you, I still have the jitters. It was definitely an unforgettable experience but one thing's for sure is that I'm definitely not an adrenaline junkie. Haha!

We also went to huka falls which was awesome. I remembered being extremely intrigued by the intensity and pressure of the water - especially with it being the only outlet to the river.

Speaking of which, little did I know that the lake is actually the biggest crater lake in the world and it's still an active volcano that scientists predict can erupt one day. The last eruption actually occurred way before any recorded history but it was told that it was so much worse than the Krakatau 1883 eruption. And if you're actually wondering how big this lake is, it is almost as big as Singapore. So, imagine that!

Anywho, it's 9.42pm where I'm at and I think I should get some shut eye. Believe it or not, I'm still a little bit jet lag! Will be back soon for another post!

Till next time lovelies Xx

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