Kylie Cosmetic's Metal Matte Liquid Lipstick

Sunday, 29 May 2016

Greetings starshines! 

I don't know about you guys but I have always been envious of those living in the US because they always get first dibs on all the latest beauty products. Like hello, did you know how long it took for Maybeline's Age Rewind Concealer to finally be available in Singapore?! TOO LONG I TELL YOU. 

(Side note: Colourpop should totally be available in Singapore like, pronto. Someone please look into it.)

Anyways, when I finally managed to get my hands on some of Kylie's lipkits, I just HAD to share!

These weren't the first liquid lipsticks that I owned and I must say that my love for them grows more and more every time I use them! 

I decided to get the metallic shades because I figured that there are many cheaper dupes for their matte and glosses series. And believe me when I say this: it was the best decision I've ever made! 

I absolutely love the colours! They're just extremely gorgeous and different from whatever I have!

The shades I bought were Heir, King K and Reign.

So here are my thoughts on them in a nutshell.
  • Easy application - I guess it applies to all liquid lipsticks and it makes sense because the brush on the applicator is pretty thin and you'll be able to reach the corner of your lips with so much ease. But it's not just that. These lippies glides on so mothereffin' smoothly, it's ridiculous!

  • Long lasting - The day I took those photos were the day I first got them and I didn't manage to wear them out till today. I was surprised how the colour stayed through the whole day - mind you, I even had buffalo wings!

  • The colour's not pigmented at first - I think the only reasonable explanation for this is that everyone has different natural lip colours and textures which may affect how the lip product can look at you (which also explains how some people can pull it off better than others pfft). But one thing I've noticed that the colour gets better and better throughout the day so you got to give it time.

  • It's super expensive - Not gonna lie, this is probably the last time I'll be getting anything from Kylie Cosmetics (until they ever decide to retail them here which I highly doubt so). Their lipkits are all amazing and I wish I had all of them but I recently discovered that there are some other brands that sells a similar shade at a much cheaper rate (Eg. Sephora, Stila). Besides, there are so many brands coming up with liquid lipsticks nowadays!

    Also, I would advice to refrain from dealing with resellers because although they may be honest about the authenticity, they may probably be selling them at a higher price for a profit! >:(
I think despite the negatives, I have absolutely no regrets purchasing them. Can't wait to wear them out again! 

Till next time lovelies Xx 

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