Saturday, 21 May 2016

Room Inspiration 2016

Greetings everyone! 

Doesn't it seem as though every time you go onto twitter, you're bound to come across extremely fascinating bedrooms? 

Refurnishing my room has always been something I've been wanting to do and quite frankly, the only thing stopping me (aside from not being able to afford most of it) is the fact that I'll probably only have a few more years to have that room until, you know, I get married and have my own place lolol. 

Anyways, I've been very much been into white and earthy tones because it gives us the illusion of wide open spaces - and also it goes well with practically everything! 

Technically, I don't need an office/study area yet (soon though!) but I've always pictured how my study area would look like: A clean white desk with an iMac and an inspirational board in front of it. Or a window would be great too! Although I have to admit that I don't see myself using this space often unless I start going to school or if my job involves handling paperwork (which it doesn't). Besides, I work shifts and even on my off days, I'd spend most of my time snuggling on my bed. 

Actually, now that I think about it, I believe that a clean and clutter-free work environment could actually maximize your productivity. I remembered while I was in poly, I've hated studying on my desk because it's always full of junk (I literally have clean laundry on my desk!). I think I'd be more hardworking if I had similar work spaces like the ones in the photos lololol! 

While many girls out there are crazy over walk in closets, I've always liked the idea of open concept closets like those above. I guess in a way, it saves a bit of space and I could easily pick out whatever I want. And not to mention how easy it would be to spring clean the area plus I can easily refrain myself from getting more unnecessary clothes when the rack gets full!

I'm not really good at colour coding but I guess I could organize it based on how the weather has been like. My shoes would be underneath and my bags could be hung on the rack or kept on the shelves.

I think my sleeping area is the most important area in my room. It's where I am when I wake up and where I would usually go to at the end of the day. It's where I rest, watch netflix, reminisce on memories, read my books and the bed frame I have right now is actually way older than I am so you can only imagine my emotional attachment to it. 

An ideal sleeping area would be where my bed is located next to the large window when I could be awaken by the morning sun and where I could see the moon and stars at night. Throw pillows (no matter how redundant) would be nice. A bedside table would be great so that I could be near my phone when I sleep. Anddd, comforters would be awesome! 

Lastly, vanity! 

I think that in my fictional bedroom (lol), my vanity area would pretty much take up more space because let's be real, I collect more make up than clothes. I've always been so envious of those beauty gurus on youtube who has a large makeup collection and if you don't already know, I am actually starting a make up collection myself! 

I'd love my vanity area with a typical dressing table with lights surrounding the mirror. Of course, I'd lay out my liquid lipsticks and makeup brushes in some sort of organizer on top with a scented candle next to it. And as for the rest of my make up, it'll be stored in a separate cabinet next to the dressing table!

Honestly speaking, all these talk about my ideal bedroom has got me excited about getting my own place. Not that I see it happening in the near future but hey, a girl can only dream right? 

Till next time lovelies Xx 

(All photos from pinterest)

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