Hair History

Wednesday, 24 August 2016
Greetings starshines! 

I think if Oxford ever decides to give my name a definition, it would probably be: Someone who changes her hair colour multiple times in a year. 

Come to think of it, I've actually dyed my hair at least twice each year for the past four years! I just find so much joy in switching colours because I generally love exploring different looks. Plus, I must also appreciate the fact that my hair can take in hair dye so well. 

Anyways, let's get into it shall we? 

1. Original, but not really

I used to think that I've had brown hair for the longest time because it seems as though no matter what colour I did, it always fades back to brown. So this is pretty much the base colour and if I remembered correctly, the first time I dyed my hair in a salon was when I was 17. I remembered always choosing a safe and natural colour because I was afraid that it may not be suitable for my job back then (I was a waitress lol). 

Also, my hair was always long, which I love despite the split ends. I think despite knowing that my hair was on the verge of getting damaged, I'd still refuse to cut it short (until recently of course). 

2. Redhead 

After the first time I dyed my hair red, I was so certain that I was not going to dye any other colour for the rest of my life! For real though, I was ready to be a fully committed redhead and not to sound narcissistic here but I loved my red hair almost more than anything! 

I was a redhead almost throughout my poly life and since there were a lot of people with the same name as me, they would usually refer me as, "Artika who? Oh, the redhead!". Haha, what an awesome time that was. 

I think I dyed my hair red for a total of three times in 2 years! Whenever I decided to dye my hair a different colour, I would always go back to red because for some reason, it just suited me well. Again, not being narcissistic, but I honestly loved this version of me and quite frankly, I foresee myself dying my hair red again. 

3. Cotton candy 

So, I came on the dip dye trend a little late. It was such an in-thing back then in poly but I didn't do it because well, redhead ftw. 

I wanted to write a whole post based on this hairstyle because I was having a rather hard time in my life back then and I did it because I wanted it signify a new beginning for me. Of course, a new look doesn't justify the fact that you become a whole new person but to be frank, this phase in my life right here, was the person whom I always was. 

 I have always loved pink, always! It matches my loud (but not so provocative) and girly personality. I like how my hair has a pink ponytail whenever I tie it up. It was another signature look because no one that I knew had pink hair as bright as this. Well, I'm sure there are but I'm just not aware of it :p 

Btw, my soul sister Nadiah affectionately calls me chocolate-strawberry because of this hair shade but she is so mistaken because it is cotton candy!! 

4. Unicorn  

If it's not already obvious, I'm the kind of person who won't usually settle for natural colours because what's the point of dying your hair if you want it to look natural, right? Might as well leave it as it is! 

To be frank, I have never, not in a million years, pictured myself in short hair. The last time I cut my hair short, I was 13 and I was forced to do so and I hated my short hair. I was really surprised with the outcome and now I'm even contemplating if I should even let my hair grow out again lol. 

I have been wanting to try multiple colours on my hair since forever and when I was looking through pinterest, I saw the oil slick hair trend and fell madly in love with it! It was a really impromptu decision but I'm so glad that I did it! I mean, the colours are messy but hey, how many nurses with rainbow hair have you met? 

So unlike my pink hair, this doesn't have any sentimental reason behind it. But I love how it represents my fickle mindedness, hehe. 

That's about it, for now. Goodnight Xx 

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