My favourite facial products

Monday, 15 August 2016

I feel like I've procrastinated more when it comes to blogging than anything else. Oh, how I truly miss sitting at my desk and being able to write freely.

Anyways, I've been wanting to blog about my favourite skin care products - for my oily-combo skin - so here goes!

  1. Tea Tree Toner by The Body Shop - I think that this is by far the only product I've used the longest. I was using this from secondary school up till the beginning of my poly years and I just loved it. I love how applying the toner (after the cleanser from the same range of course) leaves a biting and tingling sensation on certain parts of my face. Plus, tea tree has so much added benefits naturally and the scent is just so therapeutic.

  2. Liquid facial soap for oily skin formula by Clinique - Another product I swear by would be this one. It is no doubt that Clinique offers the best (not even exaggerating here) cleansers. This cleanser is extremely gentle and it definitely helps in keeping my moisture level at bay. It's not too drying and my face stayed shine free almost throughout the day.

  3. Purifying Face Cleanser by Melissa Chen - This is probably the best (but most expensive) facial wash that I've owned. It costs ~$70 and I got it from my local beauty centre. It's pretty upsetting that they don't sell them at drugstores but ah gosh, this product was just so good I refuse to share it! Apart from keeping my face matte all day, it also helps with brightening my face - which is definitely a plus!

  4. Purity Made Simple Facial Cleanser by Philosophy - I'm currently using this particular one at the moment. It was highly recommended by my cousin who works at Sephora and I can honestly see why! I actually stopped removing my makeup with a makeup remover because this cleanser gets rid of practically all kinds of gunk on my face. My face feels so clean and fresh and, well there's really no other things to say. I just loveeee it. 

That's all for my list of favourite facial products. What's your favourite cleanser? Xx

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