Friday, 3 February 2017

Walking Up To Singapore Quarry

If you're a city girl like me, you'd find it hard to believe that Singapore is actually full of hidden gems that we don't know about. It was this year when I found myself loving the idea of nature walks despite the drastic inclines. 

My father and I had already went up Bukit Timah Hill some time last week and we got obsessed with walking/hiking - mainly because we're too heavy to be doing any other straining activities. I fell in love with soaking up all of mother nature's glory so we decided to go to Singapore Quarry yesterday - and I didn't even know such place existed. 

I've got to admit, the journey up here wasn't as satisfying as compared to when we went up Bukit Timah Hill, but the view made up for it. For someone who enjoys looking at bustling cities and historical buildings, I've come to realize that I've developed a soft spot for geological monuments. It was nice being away from the urban jungle and to spend some time in an actual jungle instead.

Though I was hoping to see more wildlife (something elegant like swans or ducks, not wild boars like the one I've encountered near the railway tracks that got me and my mother develop a phobia from walking in that direction), it was still a beautiful hike. And I cannot wait to share about my nature walk adventures in time to come.

Goodnight lovelies Xx 

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