When I'd Rather Be

Saturday, 21 January 2017
I'd like to live in the 50's.

When social media was non existent and plus size women were perceived as role models. Where people meet through social interaction and not  behind cellphone screens. When carnivals were held ever so often and diners were prominent food chains. I'd sip on a tall glass of strawberry milkshake, maybe two, with a side of belgian fries, all day, everyday. Perhaps when I'm feeling fancy, you'd see me in a french cafe, sipping tea while reading poetry. I'd wear those knee length dresses - the ones that looks tight around your torso but flows and poofs from your waist down - and would love to pull off wearing high-waist shorts. I would wear my hair up in a french twist or if I'm feeling bold, have a bouffant hairstyle. I'd (finally) master the winged eyeliner and would very much wear a red lip to any social event.

Ah yes, the roaring 50's. The decade of legendary icons, astounding fashion trends and the amazing fact that everyone was accepting and non-judgmental towards all kinds of body types.


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