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Friday, 1 August 2008
hellohello :DDD

kay this post is edited :D

My Super Hot Best Friend Is Officially 14 !
happy belated birthday Amira (:

okay, lotsa things happened yesterday when
im not around . hmmm, some misunderstanding
i guess . i didnt it was that bad till azlina called
to ask me to come to school & meet her there
in the morning . GAHS ! & amira didnt came !

Anyways, we had one of the most descent trainings
ever ! we played this game where we have to go
around the school 3-leged ! i was paired up with
roslyana . hahahs ! we had trouble going round the
school man . at last, yasmin & zi ning had to do a forfeit .
nyahaaaaas . but, it was a fun training :DD

Went home, exhausted ! waitwait . before i go on ,
just wanna say that that that ! , guy asked me for
patch . no not hakim , no not dzul & no not haizrul !
its alvin uhh ! irritating guy . steed told me that .
& steed was like 'tika, u playgirl uhhs ! 5 bfs already'
then i was like 'i think the correct term is 4 EX bfs !'
urghhh ! his like making me feel guilty & alvin is like
trying to hypnotosise me or something . & no, im
most definitely not accepting his offer, no thank you !

Kay, where was I ? oh yeah, home . was exhausted .
& yeah, my moodswing is still goiong on . dont know
why .. so dont mind me if i get angry yeah , well atleast
if i dont have a reason . & currently chatting with
no one . okay, was chatting with fandi a few momments
ago though . hehehehes . so yeahyeahyeah thats my day .

& tmrs gonna be great , i guess . going to town with
khairiyah & hakim . Camwhoring as usual :D
then will be going to marina bay in the evening .
hopefully no one will spoil my day tmr . i mean it !

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