okok weekend

Sunday, 3 August 2008
alright, my day was spoiled yesterday . well, atleast
only in the middle . dont wanna talk about
it . anyways, went to marina with hakim
& khairiyah . met kak izah there plus she's
with her friends too . her friends rock, i have
to admit . seriously, they're not the minahminah
type i thought they was . but they were very
loud though . so anyways, a magical thing
happened :D its a secret . & the fireworks
display was awesome (: & my day ended up
with me grounded for the whole of next week .
GAHS ! well, atleast theres not much going on .
only parade . oh yeah damn it ! i've got a full
uniform parade this coming wednesday . its
been quite some time i wore my uniform , heees !

kay moving on . I cant seem to stand close to
couples anymore . It just happens that i cried
last night standin behind one . But I didnt make it
so obvious though . I guess I just miss being
next to Fandi thats all . So went back at 11.30 .
Dad was already waiting outside . Oh Snap !
So yeah, thats when the nagging & the grounding began .
but, im glad that my girlfriend & my ex boyfriend are
together . yeah, my girlfriend & ex boyfriend .
nonononono, im happy for them . reallyreally (:
lastly, my legs hurt from walking all around the area
that night looking for Fandi thx alot . im not mad though .

& today you may ask ? its not even noon actually .
hahahs ! so nothing much happened . but im sure
that nothing much will happen this afternoon .
I'll be bored to death, again !

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