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Monday, 4 August 2008

hello world ! :D

kays , school ? was okay . th usual .
except that that that , stupid teacher with
her usual insults saying that one of my guy
friends isnt handsome . urghs ! stupid teacher .
dont wanna talk about it .

im left with like another 30mins only !
time flies ... im having another level
test for maths & science for the next few weeks .
hope i can maintain having As . hehehe .
daddy was like 'its easier staying number
one then being number one' its true yknow .

& i can finally wear my crown belt ! yayayay !
look at my 1st pic . yeahyeah, its that one .
oooh, forget to mention something .

Cikgu Raimi Will Be Coming Tomorrow !

yes ! i've missed him man . he'll be the relief
for our class during malay tmr . isnt that
great ?!? well, but i miss Cikgu Dzar more .
His the best ohkay ! GAHS ! & hmm lets see ..

Biology wont be provided for Sec 3 NA students
next year ! no fair . well, i guess physics is better .
but that means all the 120 students will be taking
physics too ? omg , yeah man . well, i also think
of taking POA . Im not at that standard to take
A maths yet . yeah, i know . its still early . but
the subject sellestion talk is next week . the next
thing i know is that i'll be sitting for my N levels .
omg .

& just as i hoped, things were back to the way it
was at school . yeah, i'll never want another
friend to leave again ! you hear that girlfies ?!?


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