Saturday, 9 May 2009

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Greetings Earthlings.

Azeem said he misses me. *sniffs* hahah, lol.

I slept at 11pm last night & woke up at 10am today. Thats like 11 hours of sleep after studying 2 hours everyday last week . The rest really paid off & i'm feeling as fresh as ever !

Watched the repeated episode of American Idol yesterday. Adam Lambert's in the Top 3 babeh ! Yes ah ! I was alone at home so I screamed at the top of my lungs . Went to meet Yani at banquet soon after watching The Biggest Loser . I bought Doughnuts and put them in the fridge with a big "Do Not Consume!" sign there . Laugh Out Loud ekh . Didnt studied the whole day yesterday . Spent my whole afternoon chatting & creating my new picture blog . The link is other the navigation "profile". Do check it out kays . I didnt get my inspiration from anyone . I just love photography the moment I got a camera phone .

So anyways, I asked Azeem's opinion on me going to ITE after O's . Apparently only ITE East offers Health Sciences . I asked Daddy too but he keeps giving me examples like "If I give you a handphone made in China & Nokia which one do you one?" and I was like "Nokia." and he was liek "Same lah like choosing ITE and Poly." he doesnt mind also but would prefer if I'd go Poly & will only go ITE if I couldnt cope at Polytechnic . But if I were to complete a nursing cost at ITE by the time I'd reach Poly, I'll be like 20 and still going to school while my friends are already working . Well, his 40 and taking his Masters for Security Management . -.-"

Talking about my father, he got promoted ! *clapclap* Meaning bigger pay & more allowance for me ! HAHAHAH !

So yeah anyways, while I was cleaning today, I found a Scrap Book Azlina & Me used to share . It was our secret (: Yeah, will be letting her keep it for awhile cause we shared money to buy it & it'll be like she getting cheated cause I've been keeping the book for a very long time .

So yeah, my blog has been to quiet kan ? Just added songs and used instead of imeem cause it like totally sucks now . I hope Nazirah wont tease me and say "Lagu lama seyyy."

Later on, going to a stepcousin's wedding, yay . And celebrate Mother's Day in advance at Auntie's place . After that i promise to study kayyy ?

A survey next post if Shafeeqa doesnt mind me doing her's :D

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