Sunday, 10 May 2009

So yesterday.

Yesterday was a blast ! No pictures taken though .

Before that, I'm just so tempted to do the survey on Shafeeqa's blog so here I go.

Who was the last person to tell you "I love you" ?

Will you ever two-time your boyfriend ?

What was the last thing you bought for yourself ?
Doughnuts !

What was the latest time you went to sleep ?
5am .

What were you doing 5.30pm yesterday ?
Eating cake at Couzies place .

If given a chance, will you marry a millionaire ?
Only if his heart is as worth as his money .

On a date, what will you expect from your boyfriend ?
Romance & Simplicity .

Are you currently in love ?
Always, with myself . HAH.

What do you want to say out loud ?
"Can someone please text me?"

What are you munching on now ?

What are your upcoming plans ?
Study at Fajar Mac Donalds with Girlfies tmr ! Yay.

What is the one favourite nickname you use on someone ?
Katek. Jokingjoking !

Name four guys who are super close to you .
Hmmmmmm. I dont have the four ultimate close guy friends but I talk to Azeem & Rio a lot . Nevertheless, I treat all guys the same (:

Who calls you crazy or mental ?
Everyone, bloodyhell.

What are you thinking of now ?

Kinetic Particle Theory & Chemical Bonding. LOL.

How did your last relationship ended ?
The "no more feelings/feelings faded" kind of shit uh.

Who was the last person to pamper you ?

You have to choose a blind or deaf guy. Which one ?
Depends on the situation.

What are you crazy over now ?
Adam Lambert & Zac Effron. *melts*

Alright, my day yesterday.

As mentioned at the previous post, went to my stepcousin's wedding yesterday. I dont really know what's the relation between me & her but her dad's is my dad's cousin but this guy married twice something like that . Since theres American blood in the family, we meet a lot of different people there & this eurasion guy who looked HOT. I thought I was the only one who noticed until Yani mentioned him in the car, LOL. So yeah, after that went to Auntie's place to celebrate Mother's Day in Advance. She has been begging us not to buy her anything but in the end, she's been asking me whether we bought her something. -.-" Daddy bought her a pair of vintage shades & I had to pretend that i like it. Its nice i guess. Blahblablah, went home at 9pm. Oh, and this is the clothes I wore.

Very bad picture quality but just bear with it and concentrate on the clothes, not my face. Not trying to brag but people have been complimenting me & I just want you guys to check it out :D

kay byeeeeeeeeee !

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